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Tesla Model S v Ford Mustang GT: Aussies Put Money on EVs in Race for The Future of Cars

December 10, 2020 Motoring No Comments

Ford has a deep history in Australia, from the Falcon to the Fairlane. However, 2020 has shown signs of a changing of the guard, and the result of an epic new drag race may just prove it.Following a booming year for EVs on Australia’s roads and the stock market, an exhibition race between a Tesla Model S and Ford Mustang GT was held as part of Australia’s first Electric Vehicle Time Trial Series, founded by digital brokerage platform, Stake, in partnership with the Tesla Owners Club of Australia.

The power of Tesla held true, boosting the Mustang off the line and crossing first by reaching 100KM p/H in 2.6 seconds, compared to the Mustang’s 4.6 seconds, but it’s the race of the two companies on the stock market that really showcases Tesla’s might.

New data that revealed a huge gap in appeal between Tesla and Ford stocks amongst Australian traders. Through Stake, Australians traded over US$450m into the Musk backed manufacturer and just half a million USD through Ford stock.

Stake co-founder and CEO Matt Leibowitz said, “In the past 3 years, Tesla’s stock price has soared over 800% while Ford’s has shrunk 25% and this data on Australian’s investors, reflects where they see the future of cars headed.

“Tesla is now 8 times bigger than the next US car manufacturer General Motors, at a staggering US$538billion market cap, and it appears Australians are getting behind this new wave.”

Tesla Owners Club of Australia President Mark Tipping said he’s not surprised by the marked disparity between Ford and Tesla either.

“Ford has had a long and illustrious history in Australia, however the rise of EVs will usher in a new era of transport in this country. We’ve seen a huge upswing in members this year as Australians understand the huge leap in technology in performance by EVs in comparison to their petrol vehicle counterparts,” said Tipping.

According to Stake, more than 17,000 Australians have traded Tesla stocks this year alone, adding a new dimension of ownership to the estimated 10,000 Tesla vehicles purchased in Australia since the US company’s launch here in 2014.

“Stake traders have been investing this year like never before, particularly in EVs and other stocks they truly believe will move the needle in the future. While Aussies still trust Ford as a safe stock option, they have shown how much they believe in EV, like Tesla.

“We wanted to test the interest we’ve seen in the stock market on the raceway, and were not surprised to see Tesla overtake Ford as it crowns itself the ultimate disrupter of transport,” commented Matt Leibowitz, CEO and Co-Founder, Stake.

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