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Sustainable energy saving measures of Green Pearls® hotels

November 21, 2020 Hotel Feature No Comments

Energy is our most important resource, and our Green Pearls® hotels are united in their commitment to keep their energy consumption as low as possible. To achieve this, they have a variety of strategies and use different sustainable methods.

According to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the power supply in Germany is becoming “greener”. Currently, around 42% of electricity consumption comes from renewable energy sources. Wind and solar energy provide the largest share of this energy. A sustainable source of energy is becoming increasingly important in the global hotel industry. One overnight stay in a hotel consumes between 15 and 37 kilowatt-hours of electricity. The consumption depends on the size of the hotel, on the presence of a wellness area, if any, and whether the hotel has its own laundry facilities.

Environmental reports ensure transparency

The Green Pearls® hotels are pursuing ambitious goals to manage their electricity use. Through constant monitoring, consumption is measured and energy-saving strategies are developed. Our Green Pearls® hotels show that the use of renewable energies and resource-saving methods can be implemented very successfully. Recycling and the conversion of existing energies and resources from nature play a crucial role.

Photovoltaic system and combined heat and power plant

The Berghotel Rehlegg produces 70 % of its electricity requirements with its own photovoltaic system and a combined heat and power plant. Any additional electricity required is purchased from the green electricity provider Lichtblick – a provider that guarantees certified hydroelectricity – and has been purchased from them for the past several years. The Berghotel Rehlegg is continuously working to reduce the remaining 30 % of purchased electricity even further. Modern cooling systems, LED lighting throughout the hotel and an intelligent heating control system make an additional contribution to this.

Supplying the neighborhood

The Biohotel Grafenast in Austria uses a biomass heating system with wood chips which also supplies another six houses in the neighborhood. The hotel also has its own photovoltaic system and tops up any additional energy required with 100% green electricity. There is also a charging station for e-bikes or cars for their guests.

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