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Summer Entertaining, Glamping and Smart Homes stories

December 10, 2020 Lifestyle News 1 Comment

Summer is officially here and with the social calendar filling up you may be looking to your outdoor space wondering how to give it an instant spruce to create a summer entertaining haven quickly and cost effectively. HPM Lifestyle Expert, Jason Neophytou offers handy tips and cost-effective products that will not only make the backyard bearable this summer but will transform it into a summer sanctuary that you will be generally excited to use and proud to show to your family and friends. Here are five ways to cool down and create backyard bliss this summer:

1. Spotlight, uplight or feature light your garden
Bring your outdoor space out of hibernation by lighting it up! Landscape lights are perfect for illuminating the lively plants and trees in the backyard that may otherwise go unnoticed once the sun goes down. If you have a flower garden you want to show off, infinity pool or cubby house,
it’s important to know what types of outdoor lights to install to maximise their effectiveness and choose products that won’t make a dint in the electricity bill.

Up/down lights such as the TULI LED Pond lights will help accentuate trees and define the landscape of your garden. Place these at the trunks of feature trees or in a row along pristine hedges to emphasise the geometry and modernise your garden. Spotlights are another great way to highlight architectural features but also promote a safe space for dark areas such as sidewalks, around pool areas or near staircases. To brighten key areas, try the LEANA LED Slimline Floodlights. While most spotlights shine a lot of light in one area making the surrounding spaces appear darker, the LEANA Floodlights are equipped with multiple changeable levels of luminosity to suit all ambiance needs.

For something a little more decorative for spaces where you aren’t afraid to make a statement, grab a few MIKA LED Up/Down feature lights. These curvaceous staples will make a visual impact and can showcase the depth or height of areas if positioned correctly. The DIY HPM CACTO LED Bollard lights are another great statement piece that can be used to line walkways, pool areas or garden beds. Regardless of the garden light you choose, these LED options will keep the power bill down and your moods high with your revived outdoor space.

2. Welcome the breeze and keep cool
For the balmy and humid nights when a natural breeze is lacking, an outdoor fan can make all the difference. HPM’s latest Inspire Sweep Fan range is the perfect cost-effective addition to allow you to enjoy your outdoors for longer and keep guests comfy. With their silent sweeping capabilities and sleek colour choices of white, black or brushed sliver, these beauties will put the fan in fantastic and give your potentially bare roof area some added coolness. For outdoor areas particularly, consider a larger fan size up to 1200mm for maximum impact and engage a licensed electrician to save any stress.

3. Make guests green with envy at your garden Not a green thumb? No worries! With just a few quick and easy maintenance tips and tools you’ll have your guests green with envy. When giving the backyard a makeover, don’t make the mistake of just buying new plants and hoping they survive. Select plants that will work with your environment. If the garden receives little sunlight, pick plants that grow in the shade. Ensure you also clear the space of old branches and leaves, trim back the branches and maybe even grab some fresh bark to make the garden floor nourishing. Once you have the garden tidied and new plants in, the trick is in setting it up to be as low maintenance as possible. Set up a sprinkler or watering system to help out with the manual labour. For a finishing touch, dazzle your backyard in fairy lights and connect it to a HPM Analogue outdoor timer so that when the sun sets, the garden lights up to show off all your hard work.

4. A smart garden to match a smart home
There are cosmetic touches you can make to your outdoor space, but have you thought about some tech upgrades too? There are a range of tech products big and small that will help to create a smart, self-sufficient outdoor space.

Why not install a Wireless Charging Station in your outdoor lounge chairs to save the hassle of having to go inside to charge your phone or install the HPM Bluetooth Sound Diffusion Kit to pump the tunes all day long. While more expensive, smart home technology Arteor with Netatmo can help control the indoors from the outdoors and will prove its value instantly. Relax outside while you ask Siri or Alexa to turn on the coffee machine or the aircon to prepare your ideal indoor scene. With Aqua with Netatmo, control your outdoors as well such as the water fountain or pool pump
right from your smart phone. Can you imagine a better backyard?

5. Freshen up the furniture and deck
Whether you’re pressure washing down the space, using the leaf blower on the deck or sanding down your furniture, a Heavy Duty Extension Lead will ensure you can reach all those hard to get places and with its handy clamping socket, it will prevent the frustration and downtime caused by leads coming apart. While you may not need to buy an entirely new outdoor setting, washing down furniture and the deck to remove any dust, sanding down wooden items or making touch ups with a fresh lick of paint or polish will go a long way to complete your summer sanctuary.

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