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Redirect your skills and earn a flexible income while supporting Australia’s older generation, with Mable

April 29, 2020 Lifestyle News No Comments
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At a time when thousands of Australians have lost their jobs, Mable is providing a new option for work that will fill the pockets – and the hearts – of those without income. Out of work Australians are being encouraged to redirect their skills to becoming an independent support worker for older Australians and people with  disability who are in need of essential services, perhaps now more than ever.

As an online platform that connects older Australians and their families with independent support people based on individual requirements, Mable is seeking Australians from a variety of sectors to lend a hand and facilitate support for those who need it most.

Peter Scutt, CEO and Co-Founder at Mable, says: “This has been an incredibly tough year from the bushfires to the drought and now to an unprecedented pandemic. We understand there are many Australians across the country who have lost their jobs or have reduced hours of work. One way that we at Mable can help those individuals who may be struggling to make ends meet is by offering them the chance to redirect their skills and earn income as an independent support worker.”

There are many levels of support available on Mable – many of which don’t require a qualification to start,  including varied services under social support domestic assistance. Many people can sign-up and give support, accommodating a wide range of skills sets, time availability and locations. Some services such as personal care, nursing services, or allied health Services, do require qualifications. The good news is that people new to the sector who find the work rewarding can also choose to upskill toward a personal care qualification.

Support you can provide older Australians with as an independent support worker on Mable include:

  • Companionship, such as someone to talk to, laugh with, and connect with at this isolating time
  • In-home care, such as keeping pantries stocked, assisting to get people out of bed in the morning, keeping them healthy with walks and activities, help preparing meals, support with IT needs, cleaning the home, yard or clothes, etc.
  • Personal care, such as medication assistance, help with showering and dressing
  • Virtual support, through the through the NEW in-platform video conference for social engagement and companionship, lessons and instruction
  • Nursing Services
  • Allied Health Professional consultations such as counselling or speech therapy, provided in person or over platform video conferencing
  • Education and employment support People with a disability also have all sorts of support requirements to help them live independently and participate equally in community, work and education.

“So many things are out of our control at this time, so it’s great that at Mable we can offer those who have been stood down opportunities to re-engage with work,” Scutt says. “Mable helps support workers connect with people in their community based on interests and passions, location, gender, language, and most importantly, the type of support required. This means independent support workers can choose to be available for work at a time and in a location that suits them – ensuring flexibility for those with partners or kids at home.”

“Ultimately, we want to assist as many Australians as possible during this difficult time. For us, this means engaging support people from those in need of jobs, and connecting them with older Australians and people with disability in need of companionship and support,” says Scutt.

“We encourage anyone in this situation to visit Mable and sign up as an independent support worker, to benefit themselves and others.”

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