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October 29, 2020 Headline News, MICE No Comments

Conferences & Events

Papua New Guinea may not be the first destination that you think of as far as MICE destinations go, but it should definitely be on your radar. A mere 4 hour direct flight from Sydney; 3 hours from Brisbane and 1.5 hours from Cairns; and on the same time zone as Queensland; Port Moresby offers modern facilities in an overseas destination that is still close-to-home and easily accessible. And for international conferences and events, Port Moresby is also accessible via direct flights to Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo too. Home to several newly-built state-of-the-art hotels and conference centres, and an exciting array of new leisure developments, Port Moresby is fast emerging as the business capital of the South Pacific.

And what better a place to host your next conference or event, and give your attendees a completely unique business and cultural experience. And for those looking to extend their stay, a whole world of adventure awaits. Home to world class diving, surfing and fishing as well as immersive authentic cultural experiences that you won’t find anywhere else, Papua New Guinea knows how to fuse business and leisure in a way like no other country can. There are very few destinations in the world where you can go from architecturally-designed modern conference facilities to WWII wreck-diving and overnighting in a remote tribal village, all in the same day!

Port Moresby Conference & Events Facilities 

Kutubu Convention Centre

Apec Haus Convention Centre

Hilton Port Moresby

The Stanley Port Moresby

Airways Hotel

Grand Papua Hotel

Holiday Inn Port Moresby

Crown Hotel Port Moresby

Laguna Hotel Port Moresby

Loloata Island Resort

The Ultimate Team Building Option

Besides being a once-in-a-lifetime physical challenge, trekking Kokoda is also a popular team building trip that staff will talk about for years to come. Corporate executives, charity fundraisers, gym junkies and historians alike all trek the 96km trail every year. The best thing about trekking Kokoda as a team building trip is that the team building starts well before you even land in Papua New Guinea; with plenty of pre training needed in order to complete the 8-day trek. But not only is it the physical and mental challenge endured along the track that brings people together, it’s also the incredible stories of survival, mateship and endurance that you learn along the way. This lived experience bonds teams and strangers alike like no other team building trip can. Most Kokoda operators are experienced in tailoring team building itineraries specific to your needs. 

See Kokoda Track Authority for a full listing of trek operators running guided tours.


Incentive Travel

The key to an amazing incentive travel itinerary is “money can’t buy experiences” that make attendees feel like they could never replicate that trip even if they tried. Papua New Guinea has this in spades! Whether you’re hiring a private charter plane to fly to a remote village in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, or being dropped off on a deserted island to experience a “survivor” style overnight stay – you can let your imagination run wild in Papua New Guinea!

Many of the hotels and resorts outside of Port Moresby offer less than 20 rooms for guests to stay in, so if you had a group of that size, in many places, you would be the only visitors in town. Whether you’re snorkelling reefs that are abundant with coral and fish, or having a sunset SP Lager on the balcony of your room, there will be plenty of adventure-filled and relaxation moments to remember.

Check our operators like South Sea Horizons, No Limit Adventures and Oceania Expeditions who can help you to create a bespoke, one-of-a-kind itinerary that will go down in the history books, even for the most well travelled people.


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