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PM Would Love to See Pacific Travel Bubbles

February 18, 2021 Coronavirus (Covid-19), Headline News 1 Comment

PM Scott Morrison has hinted that travel bubble with pacific neighbouring countries may not be far away. These would be travel bubbles that could help restart international travel for Australians.

Speaking last week on 2SM’s The John Laws Morning Show, Scott Morrison said Australia was in conversation with countries such as Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, and the Solomon Islands “and so on” about creating a travel bubble similar to the arrangement it already has with New Zealand.

“We don’t have full confidence yet that they are just going to a complete what’s called a green lane,” Morrison said.

“But, we’re working with them to ensure we can just lift that confidence. We’ll be seeking to support them with their testing over there.

The PM said the risk of Aussie travellers spreading COVID-19 to Pacific Island nations had decreased, thanks to Australia’s recent low rates of community transmission.

However, Morrison noted that if an outbreak was to occur in these countries whose health systems “aren’t the same as ours”, the impact would be “devastating”.

Health Minister Greg Hunt also recently hinted that a Pacific travel bubble was on the cards, telling the ABC’s 7.30: “I won’t make a false guarantee, but we think that, during the course of the year, the opportunities will increase, as the pandemic likely subsides internationally.

The federal government reacted swiftly on Monday to a Covid-19 outbreak in New Zealand by suspending all flights coming from New Zealand for 72hrs.

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly, convened an urgent meeting yesterday with chief health officers from the three states open to New Zealand ‘green zone’ flights – NSW, Queensland and Victoria – to discuss the three-day lockdown in Auckland due to an outbreak of three new COVID-19 cases.

It was decided at the meeting that all flights originating in New Zealand will be classified as ‘red zone’ flights for an initial period of 72 hours from 12.01 am today.

As a result, all people arriving on such flights within this three-day period will need to go into 14 days of supervised hotel quarantine.

The stop-start nature of Australia’s travel bubble with New Zealand has created uncertainty about when this particular arrangement will become two-way, having been paused once again.

Judging from the above, how could any travel bubble survive? People booking flights would have to live with the fear of going into a self-funded quarantine if an outbreak would occur as it has not once but twice in the last 30 days with New Zealand.

Written By Joe Cusmano




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  1. gnits says:

    ….for godsake will you please stop this travel bubble idea until the covid dust settles… and besides according to the latest survey 70% of australians are against opening the country internationally for both in and outbound…. just plan your travel next year or better yet in 2023… and please stop enticing travel addicts with mouthwatering hard to resist specials… you’re not helping in the chaos… outbreaks happen and here you go again with refund issues… just bloody wait for next year or until this bloody virus is gone… we have already endure the hard period and we are all seasoned enough to wait a little bit more… i know it will be too bad for travel businesses but it’s not worth rushing things up when situation is still very volatile….. remember new strains of the virus is on the rise… vax doesn’t even guarantee protection from new virus mutations… just be more patient… hey we can still shop and dine out… go to parks and beaches…. you’re not in jail ..hello..

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