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New trends in gambling industry

September 24, 2021 Casino / Gaming No Comments
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The gambling industry is always trying to stay on-trend, trying to attract new customers. As a result, it grows by billions of dollars every year. At one time, the first slot machines caused a sensation in casinos and gambling houses worldwide. And today, innovations are coming.

Let’s see what the future holds.

What we experience right now

Many elements of the future are being implemented right now. But, as always, the future doesn’t come linearly but instead appears in ‘hotbeds’ in different places. Gradually, these foci merge to become a new paradigm that we can no longer live without. In the past, video slots and online casinos were such innovations, followed by live casinos and esports gambling.


Gamification following the example of conventional video games is making its way into the gambling industry. Casinos are looking to gamify the process around gambling products. These days it’s tournaments, quests, VIP storylines, and achievement achievers. It’s coming to the forefront because new generations value the overall exciting experience more than the huge winnings.

New markets

The global online gambling market will reach $876 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.6%. The industry is also benefiting from the increasing number of new markets.

The fastest-growing markets are Asia, Africa, Latin America. Asia-Pacific (including China) will remain among the fastest-growing.

Africa is growing thanks to growth in youth and improvements in infrastructure, mobile, and internet coverage. At the moment, the most active markets are in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Latin America remains a “grey area” due to unclear regulation. The most active markets are Chile and Brazil. Particularly in Latin America, esports is booming, and bookmakers offering to bet on the sport are becoming more active.


All the best online casino Australia already accept cryptocurrencies as a standard way of playing and gambling. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies bring many advantages to players:

  1. It is a relatively anonymous method of payment.
  2. Digital coins do not care about territorial and time constraints.
  3. Blockchain can confirm the fairness of games. For instance, Provably Fair technology is already available in many casinos.

VR reality

VR poker rooms are already appearing; so far, they are few. Nevertheless, the active development of the VR industry will undoubtedly cause new growth in virtual casinos, bookmakers, and poker rooms. In 2023, revenues in this area are predicted to be $11.3 billion.

Experts say that most of the interactions with the gaming world will be through controllers like Touch of Wands. So these are the ones that online casino developers should be looking at.

New trends in tech may lead to this

Progress, of course, does not standstill. What innovations of the technological world could be the breakthrough? We assume that gambling operators can invest in the following areas:

  1. AI bots and dealers — artificial intelligence is already powerfully developed and active in support services and video games. There are virtual news anchors based on neural networks. It won’t be long before operators come up with AI dealers and AI casinos.
  2. AR reality in offline casinos — offline is still a serious player, even though the lion’s share of players go online. Offline works as a place for socialisation and exciting gaming experiences. So, offline operators should consider developing augmented reality in their establishments.
  3. Space gambling is a matter of decades. Nevertheless, Sir Branson stepped to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere in a Virgin Galactic ship on 11 July, followed by Bezos on 20 July the same year. Lawmakers haven’t turned their attention to space yet, have they? There’s nothing to stop gambling operators from setting up gambling in suborbital spaceships.

These are the kinds of trends that can be highlighted from the variety of existing technological innovations. What’s to come!

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