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Much as I hate to say it, Alan Jones is right this time – tourism and travel are heading for total collapse

February 23, 2021 Business News, Headline News No Comments

We all know Alan Jones can be sensationalist and highly politically motivated and some might even say biased, but as I said in the header, much as I hate to say it, Alan Jones in a recent Sky News report is right – tourism and travel are heading for total collapse.

He says that says in all the alarmism, fear and “sabotage by governments of the economy,” there are businesses out there suffering, speaking with various industries in the nation which have been significantly hit by government imposed measures, adding, “People have been made afraid to catch a bus, get in a lift and catch a train. Bus proprietors can’t survive.”

He quickly moved on to travel and tourism saying, “Travel agents, billions and billions of dollars in cancelled bookings”, “There are about 7,000 travel agents in this country”, “They can’t survive”, “They are mums and dads, they’re us, they’re families”!

How absolutely right he is with all sectors of the industry, that is travel, tourism, inbound, outbound, domestic, and all their sectors, all on the brink of collapse, unless the government quickly provides substantial rescue funding, until the industry can recover, with the catalyst for the industry collapse considered to be the planned end of Jobkeeper in March.

Alan Jones also spoke with two senior representatives of the industry, Margy Osmond Tourism and Transport Forum CEO and Dennis Bunnik, the Chairman of the Council of Australian Tour Operators and you should hear what they had to say and some of the devastating facts and figures, so please put aside Alan Jones’ political rhetoric and definitely watch this interview, and to do so CLICK HERE or on any of the images below.

You will conclude as I did and have known for some time, that very sadly, the situation for all elements of travel and tourism is absolutely dire, with government funding required NOW for this vital sector to survive and avoid collapse.

Alan Jones

Margy Osmond

Dennis Bunnik

You may also like to watch my interview with Peter Shelley the Managing Director of the Australian Tourism Export Council [ATEC] which for his members in the moribund inbound international tourism, tells an equally distressing story – CLICK HERE or below.

A report by John Alwyn-Jones

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