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K11 Fashion Month《FASHION DECODE》 Hong Kong’s First-ever “Public Fashion Show”

July 22, 2019 Lifestyle News No Comments
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“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality,” once defined by Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary fashion icon. In other words, fashion is a common language, yet under which everyone is allowed to share different view, and to express one’s own value and virtue through their outfits. Even with the same clothing items, different people would give distinctively different styles. Thus, each person has their own unique language when it comes to fashion. As an all-time pioneer in promoting public art, K11 Art Mall presents the very first “Public Fashion Show” in Hong Kong this summer. The concept of the “K11 FASHION DECODE” Exhibition originates from “Public Art”. From now on till 1 September, Zoe Siu and Yeung Chin, two local artists and designers, will put on a show of knot art inspired by traditional craftsmanship, mesmerizingly colourful folk costumes, and captivating performance art. Unlike ordinary fashion shows, the exhibition not only allows us to enjoy artworks from the two artists but also encourages individual participation. The spectator can perform several roles at the same time. By being a fashion designer, model and fashion stylist, one can unravel the underlying fashion code in daily life with one’s own language.

Become a model yourself Feel the fashion and sound on the runway

The integration of art and fashion constitutes an emerging trend in the fashion industry in recent years, and local fashion designer Yeung Chin is probably one of the best. Graduated with an MA in Fashion Design from the renowned University of Westminster in the UK, he has received the same training as Vivienne Westwood did. Thanks to his subverting and avant-garde aesthetics in art and design, Yeung made an early achievement in winning the “Top Creative Award” in the Hong Kong Young Designers’ Contest in 2003. Later he also achieved outstanding results in the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award and rose as a fashion designer of the new era. In the “K11 FASHION DECODE” Exhibition, Yeung sets up the first public runway in chi K11 art space on B2/F. Under the theme of “FASHION SOUND”, the exhibition invites everyone to step up from their seats to the runway – to become a model interpreting Yeung’s pieces and express one’s unique fashion glamour. At the same time, we can also enjoy the fashion art performance thoughtfully curated by Yeung. By activating the fashion code together, we can enjoy an exclusive transformation in beauty and indulge in the stage interweaved by fashion and art.

Hong Kong’s first “Public Fashion Show” will be staged in chi K11 art space arranged in five major settings:

Fashion Spotlight No.1: The Fashion Door

Before entering the exhibition hall, every participant will receive a piece of copper and weaved cloth so that they can make their bespoke name card with style. Not only does this fully translate the meaning of “Public Fashion Show”, but it also lifts the curtains for the exhibition.

Fashion Spotlight No.2: Before the Runway

Standing on the occasion, it is as if we entered a tranquil mysterious realm. A giant hairpin art installation which reads “FASHION SOUND” will come into sight; and this solemn moment exists to remind the public, who have become models, to hold their breaths before the big moment of revealing their individual style on stage.

Fashion Spotlight No.3: On the Runway

When everyone is ready, they can pick an outfit that best portrays their value and stride down the fashion runway to showcase six brand new pieces of Yeung. Participants can manifest their fashion sense unreservedly and take photos as a token of this precious moment.

Fashion Spotlight No.4: Dance Performance*

After a series of stimulating fashion shows, a group of professional dancers will put on Yeung’s pieces and perform a dramatic dance on stage. They will make use of their clothing, in coordination with eight different scenes of music microfilms and the synchronising rhythm of a typewriter, to produce a trendy melody. The performance will extend beyond the chi K11 art space and cover the whole B2/F of K11 Art Mall. This arrangement achieves the perfect interpretation of the concept of “Public Fashion Show”, and calls a perfect end for the show.

Participants can still enjoy the video art and become a typewriter to create distinctive experiences on non-performance day.

*Dance performances will be held on:

27 July 2019 (chi K11 art space)

3, 17, 31 August 2019 (chi K11 art space and B2/F of K11 Art Mall)

Fashion Spotlight No.5: Fashion Showpiece Exhibition

As the enchantment dwindles into tranquillity, a refreshing scent of straw diffuses in the air. The smell not only sets the participants in the middle of fields and farms, but it also leads them to listen to the rustling sounds of straws. Walking from the fashion world into the simple and primitive land, participants can appreciate the showpiece of Yeung’s upcoming tribe collection in a leisurely manner, and savour the fashion nutrition greatly enriched by tribal characteristics.

Designer Weaves Inca Knots into Modern Fashion

While Yeung Chin’s fashion shows give the public a chance to experience the work of a model, fashion is hardly limited to just the catwalk. The“K11 FASHION DECODE” Exhibition explores the many varieties of fashion as local knot artist and designer Zoe Siu expresses her fashion language through knot art with a designer’s eye, delivering a different shade of fashion.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Zoe is working with K11 Art Mall this summer to combine knot art with the lost Inca culture of South America, recreating the Incan knotted-string art of khipu. Khipu (or quipu) was the unique recording system used by the Inca people of South America. Lacking a system of writing, they used a highly sophisticated system of knotted strings of various materials, colours and thickness to keep records.

Fashion Spotlight No. 6: The Tallest Indoor Hand-Crafted Knot Art Tower in Hong Kong

A strong proponent for knot art, local knot artist and designer Zoe Siu holds a special interest in this unique element of Inca culture. In this exhibition, she is leveraging the art form’s high degree of moldability to create three sets of uniquely forward-looking, large-scale interactive installation knot art, with Hong Kong’s largest indoor hand-crafted knot art tower, measuring 3-storey (approx. 12m) tall at its centre. Distinguishing itself from run-of-the-mill knot art, Zoe combines a lightweight cotton-core string with intricate khipu techniques. Colours are based on Gen-Zyellow, also known as the other “Millennial Pink”, maximizing the dynamism and brilliance of yellow with a minimalist yet trendy aesthetic touch, expressing a rich historical and cultural heritage in Zoe’s art.

Fashion Spotlight No. 7: Khipu Wall and Chair Installation Art

If participants feel inspired by Zoe’s fashion language, they can try their own hand at khipu, weaving own unique fashion code on a streamlined wall of strings alongside Zoe’s woven tower, expressing the spirit of the “Public Fashion Show”. Another knot art installation sets up irregular wooden benches with various khipu knot designs, surrounding visitors in countless knots, and presenting Zoe’s knot art from another angle.

Be a Fashion Stylist  Define the Latest Dress Code for Summer

Designers and models are certainly crucial to a successful fashion show, yet the power of the crew behind the scenes should not be overlooked. Among them, the fashion stylist carries the heaviest work duties. As a fashion stylist, one is primarily responsible for the management of all creation related to a fashion label, which consists of decision making on which collection to show and how to display it.

Fashion Spotlight No.8: Kalon Couture Live Experience on “Virtual Fitting”

In the “K11 FASHION DECODE” Exhibition, participants can have an early trial on the collaboration work by K11 Art Mall with Kalon Couture, a key local start-up developed by Eureka Nova programme, to experience the day and night of a fashion stylist. Kalon Couture is a Hong Kong based causal wear platform which has introduced a self-developed online fitting function. People can have an immediate experience through personalized “virtual fitting”, and create an exclusive 3D virtual Avatar with reference to different faces and body shapes. Through using the coding of innovative technology to create tailored fit fashion clothing, they pick from the latest fashion collection in K11 Art Mall, as if one were a fashion stylist, to create the unique fashion code for this summer. Participants can receive a free photo of virtual fitting and create own’s fashion portfolio by clicking “Like” on both Facebook pages of @K11ArtMall and @KalonCouture.

An Alternative Focus: Cross-media Art Programme and Fashion Aesthetics

Complementary to the “K11 FASHION DECODE” Exhibition, K11 Art Mall will offer multiple crossover activities on the spot, including SALON11 – Enigma of Fashion, MOVIE11 x Fresh Wave | Movie Decode and diversified music programme musiK11, to render the aesthetics of fashion. At the same time, K11 Art Mall has also solicited various restaurants to introduce “Decode Menu”, intertwining delicacy with art.

“K11 FASHION DECODE” Exhibition

Date:                  From now to 1 September, 2019

Time:                 10am – 10pm (G/F Atrium)

                          12nn – 10pm (chi K11 art space*)

Venue:                G/F Atrium and chi K11 art space B2/F, K11 Art Mall (18 Hanoi Road, Tsim

Sha Tsui, Kowloon)

*Admission Fee: HK$30 each (KLUB11 & Artist KLUB members enjoy exclusive privileges    

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