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JOHN ROZENTALS get down to the the nitty gritty about the freedom of solo cruising.

May 22, 2020 Destination Feature, Headline News No Comments
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Do listen to Andrew Mevissen, a tour facilitator, when he says that we have all been on a holiday where we’ve done something we didn’t really want to do with our significant other, whether it’s visiting another market stall, going on theme park rides with the kids or taking another guided tour of a church in Europe.

We’ve all wondered if there was a way to holiday exactly how you want. Enter solo travel.

Yes. These two words which were once associated with ridiculous pricing that only the elite were able to afford are now on the rise and quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to travel the world.

Whether it be a choice or by necessity, there is no other feeling of freedom quite like the joys of travelling alone and doing the activities, shore excursions, tours, parties and relaxing that you want to do at your leisure — and more and more people are realising it.

Hefty solo supplements: gone are the days.

According to data from a global solo-travel survey in 2019, 76 per cent of people have either travelled alone or are considering it.

It’s not just young people who are doing it either — 41 per cent of Generation X and 37 per cent of Baby Boomers said they are drawn to the flexibility of travelling alone.

Despite the perception that young men are the most likely to travel solo, in 2019 the search term, ‘solo women travel’ saw a 230 per cent increase from previous years.

Solo women: a 230 per cent increase.

Cruise Traveller partner, Riviera Travel River Cruises, recently conducted a study on female freedom and empowerment through travel and found that of the 2000 UK residents surveyed,  39 per cent of over 55s have solo travelled and on Riviera Travel’s solo dedicated cruises, 77 per cent are women.

The rising trend in solo travel is not going unnoticed in the cruising industry either.

Gone are the days when all single travellers on every holiday were forced to pay hefty solo supplements.

Today, there are lots of reduced- or zero-supplement fares for solos, with some cruise companies like Riviera Travel also offering solos-only cruises — the perfect way to meet new people and holiday how you want.

Whether it be a choice or by necessity: there is no other feeling of freedom quite like the joys of travelling alone.

Small-ship/expedition cruising is perfect for solo travellers too.

It’s easy to make friends and mingle as you cruise to pristine parts of the world, such as the Canadian Arctic region or down the Danube on a European river cruise.

There are plenty of activities too so that you can choose to holiday how you want.

Want to go on a zodiac excursion looking for polar bears? Easy.

Want to listen to a talk about the exotic marine life and the challenges they face? Go ahead.

Or maybe you wish to take a stroll back in time in the medieval streets of Bamberg, Germany? The options are endless.

Cruise Traveller partners, Riviera Travel River Cruises and Adventure Canada, are well known for offering no-supplement fares on their cruises, leading the way in looking after solo travellers.

Enter solo travel: a way to holiday exactly how you want.

Both companies have received accolades from the solo-travel awards for their efforts to cater for solo travellers.

In 2021, Riviera Travel will offer more than 20 river cruises across Europe exclusively for solo travellers, with all cabins dedicated to solo use and free of any single supplement.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the reins of your next holiday and feel the freedom of solo travel.  The 2021 programs for both Adventure Canada and Riviera Travel River Cruises are now available.



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