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iFREE GROUP and Visa Collaborate on Providing Visa Cardholders in Mainland China Seamless Internet Data Connectivity When Travelling Abroad

January 8, 2019 Statistics & Trends No Comments

iFREE GROUP (iFREE), a global leader in e-commerce and travel connectivity, has announced a partnership with Visa today. This partnership will offer a unique Visa Global Travel Data Card specifically tailor-made for Visa cardholders in Mainland China, allowing them to enjoy seamless global connectivity when they are on the go.

Mr. Daniel Hou, VP and Head of Products of Visa China said, “According to Visa’s Global Travel Intentions Survey, China has become a leading market for international travel, given their strong appetite to travel overseas. The Survey shows that China will continue to be one of the largest outbound tourism markets in the next two years as travellers from Mainland China intend to take an average of 6.7 trips in the next two years, compared to 4.9 trips for AP travellers. When traveling overseas, travellers from Mainland China love to stay connected. 94% of them use mobile devices to connect to the internet at overseas destinations. To cater the travel needs of Visa cardholders in Mainland China, Visa and iFREE GROUP will provide two customised MOGO S Global Data SIM packages, eligible cardholders can stay connected anytime, anywhere. No queues at airports for purchasing a roaming card and no exorbitant exchange rates, Visa cardholders in Mainland China can have a worry-free travel experience with high speed 4.5G or LTE data roaming network.”

The two customised MOGO S Global Data SIM packages

Package 1 (For terms and conditions, please refer to

  • Enjoy package of USD 1 per day for each cardholder of designated banks[1]
  • Purchase 3-day data plan to enjoy 1 extra day for free
  • Purchase 4-day data plan to enjoy 2 extra days for free
  • Purchase 5-day data plan to enjoy 3 extra days for free
  • Enjoy free shipping when purchasing data packages (with a minimum order of 3-day data plan)
  • Enjoy 5% top-up discount
  • Use iVoice 30 minutes for free in the first month

Package 2 (For terms and conditions, please refer to

  • Visa Infinite cardholders of designated banks1 need to make at least one overseas transaction to qualify for the redemption of free annual package
  • Enjoy a MOGO S Global Data Package with up to 5 – 15GB of free data
  • Receive a free Global Data SIM card
  • Enjoy 5% top-up discount
  • Use iVoice 50 minutes for free each month

iFREE GROUP Managing Director, Mr. Ricky Chia said, iFREE will provide Visa cardholders in Mainland China with a ‘roaming-free’ TRAVELUTION experience through iFREE MOGO S innovative technology. MOGO S is a reusable Global Data SIM card that offers worldwide coverage in more than 100 countries and areas. To help travellers avoid dramatically high roaming costs, MOGO S technology has opened doors to offer local rates for international calls by connecting to 3G/4.5G/LTE networks.

With the MOGO S, travellers will have a secure way to purchase these packages directly through iFREE’s iAPP on their mobile device, without the need to go through less-secure
methods, such as public WiFi. Travellers can enjoy true peace of mind when making purchases.

MOGO S can be re-used each time the user travels, only needing to pay for what they use, when they need it, wherever they are – extending the validity of the card by up to a year every time they top up.”

In addition, the iFREE Ecosystem allows payments to be made in any currency, so that they can select only what they need when they want it. They can also enjoy convenient delivery options and manage their purchases with 24-hour customer service anywhere in the world.

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