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If the future is green, how will we travel?

December 24, 2020 Destination Feature No Comments

A flip through the history books shows that people have always traveled and have endured many hardships. In the past decades, traveling has become a part of our everyday life.

We have become accustomed to being able to travel at any time and to any place, however, the worldwide pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. So where does that leave us? Has Corona fundamentally changed the way we look at things?

In short- yes and no. People today travel in a much more sustainable way and are more aware of their ecological footprint. Nevertheless, sustainable travel is still a niche market, but it is constantly evolving. More people around the world have a desire to make their travel more environmentally friendly and socially responsible, even if this is not always consistently implemented. We had already begun to observe this positive trend before the pandemic. Corona has sensitised people to the issue, but it remains to be seen whether this will lead to a further evolution towards sustainability.

Trends against overtourism and towards more responsibility and individuality

Green accommodation and destinations

For a growing number of people, choosing sustainable accommodation and destinations is the first and most important step towards traveling more consciously.

Our Green Pearls® partners are seeing a strong interest from guests in sustainable issues and a greater demand for local green experiences.

Off the beaten track

The choice of lesser-known destinations and places that are not as crowded and give travelers the chance to have authentic and fulfilling experiences.

Out of season travel

Trips in the low or mid-season are becoming more and more popular. Sights are not crowded and tourists have the opportunity to get in touch with locals and get to know the destinations better. As climate change continues, there is no longer a clear weather forecast, so in many countries around the world, the weather is pleasant even in the low season.

Local encounters

The demand for trips that provide local experiences is growing rapidly. For the younger generation in particular, travel is about meeting locals, experiencing other cultures and traditions, and about learning new skills that can still be applied at home.

Flying and the environment

The flight-shaming movement is making people think twice about their flight behavior. So much so that more travelers prefer the train as a means of transportation, at least for shorter distances. It is not about not flying any more, but about relating the stay to the CO2 consumed. In order to make flying more environmentally friendly, research is being carried out on alternative biofuels.

“Green Pearls® the Future of Travel” we started with this noble goal in 2012. Has the development in tourism caught up with us?

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