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How to make your mark on the world’s fastest-growing social media app.

February 13, 2021 Apps No Comments

If you’re in the world of business and you think Mickey Mouse when you hear Clubhouse, think again.

Clubhouse is the world’s fastest-growing social media app – and the current conditions have created the perfect environment for it: COVID’s forced isolation, and the popularity of audio as an intimate way to connect.

Kate Toon has been an early adopter of Clubhouse – she already has 4,000 followers on the app, and has created a free guide to ‘your first 7 days on Clubhouse’, to help other people make the most of their presence.

Her Club The Misfit Entrepreneurs is one of the fastest-growing in Australia.

“With Clubhouse – there’s nowhere to hide. You have to be 100% you. It’s not like Facebook or Instagram where you can hide behind glossy photos and inspirational quotes. It’s raw and real.” – Kate Toon.

Through Kate’s interactions on Clubhouse she’s already scored multiple invitations to speak at events, appear on podcasts and sourced speakers and guests for her own podcasts and platforms.

“Clubhouse is a great alternative to talk radio and podcasts, and the opportunity for brands and small business is huge. It’s an amazing way to grow your list, make connections and network (especially during Covid Lockdowns).” – Kate Toon.


Kate Toon is available for interview to talk candidly about her own experience of Clubhouse, why she loves it, and how people can make the most of it for their business.


  • The dos and don’ts of getting started on Clubhouse.
  • How to use Clubhouse to build your business network and personal brand.
  • The real opportunities for small business to gain an advantage on their competitors.
  • Why it pays to be ahead of the curve on this new social app.

A bit more about Kate: The original misfit entrepreneur, Kate has built a seven-figure business from her backyard, as a digital marketing, SEO and copywriting expert, author, speaker, podcaster and coach.

Kate was named Businesswoman of the Year at the national My Business Awards in 2020. Kate’s podcasts – The Recipe for SEO Success, the Hot Copy Podcast and the Kate Toon podcast have more than 700K downloads between them (and counting).

Let me know if you’d like a copy of Kate’s full bio or her guide to Clubhouse.

Kate is based just north of Sydney, and is available for interview or for feature opportunities,

Thanks and best wishes, Erin Huckle on behalf of Kate Toon.

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