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Highlights from the Sorting and Filtering ASX Company News

July 22, 2021 Financial No Comments

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from PexelsThe Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) was established back in 2006 after two giant firms – the Sydney Futures Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange – merged. It provides a wide array of financial market services that are extremely beneficial to companies, banks and independent traders as well. Apart from providing listing and clearing services, the ASX is also responsible for ensuring that listed companies comply with its operating rules and regulations. It also sensitizes retail investors on the acceptable standards of corporate governance.

ASX constantly publishes financial news and corporate announcements ranging from company stocks to exchange-traded options and ETMFs. You can get up-to-date ASX news to help you make informed trading decisions.

Here are 4 key highlights from the sorting and filtering ASX Company News:

  • Resignation of DigitalX Executive Director

This announcement will likely cause a stir within the IT circle. It’s even been marked as price-sensitive, meaning that the news might significantly affect the company’s stocks. DigitalX Limited is a tech company that manages digital asset funds and provides blockchain consulting services. Its CEO’s 5-year reign will finally end after he tendered his resignation. He is expected to depart in mid-September to allow a smooth transition of power. Traders are advised to track the company’s stocks closely and avoid making any rash decisions. 

  • Orminex Response to ASX Price Query

    Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Recently, the ASX wrote a letter to Orminex Limited inquiring about the drastic price reduction and substantial increase in trading volume of its securities. Orminex responded to this query by stating that it was aware of the bizarrely high trading volume in its securities. In addition, the company claimed to be investigating the issue and further stated that it was compliant with the Listing Rules. This announcement could pull stock prices up or down, depending on how stakeholders receive it. Traders should definitely remain on high alert.

  • Eildon Capital Limited Market Update

It’s always exciting news when companies provide market updates, especially on the net profit they’ve made in a particular financial year. Eildon Capital, a revered financial firm based in Melbourne, recently released its profit guidance for the just concluded financial year. Security holders will be smiling from ear to ear when they get hold of the huge dividends coming their way. This announcement is expected to boost the company’s stocks even higher – it’s not surprising that stockbot has marked it as price sensitive.

  • Leaf Resources Limited Cleansing Prospectus

Leaf Resources, a blooming firm based in Maryborough, recently lodged a prospectus inviting investors to apply for about 1,000 shares. Each share will fetch a price of $0.1, allowing interested parties to easily acquire a small share of the company. According to the prospectus, its aim is not to raise capital but rather, it’s to eliminate any trading restrictions resulting from the issuance of shares before the closing date. This prospectus will most likely affect stock prices positively. Traders are advised to track the firm’s stock prices closely and make some informed decisions.

These are just a few of the numerous highlights you’ll get from the sorting and filtering ASX Company News.

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