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Here Are Some Tips to Make New Friends

January 21, 2021 Lifestyle News No Comments

Meeting people is easy. We do that when we go out, log on to social media, and sometimes just by sitting at our office desk. Making friends, however, is a little bit harder. Why? Because not everyone you meet would make a good friend, and fewer of them would be willing to establish a friendly relationship. Nevertheless, we all need friends. We need people we can turn to for love, attention, care, and inspiration. We also need buddies to pass the time and share stories of our wins at the True Blue Casino. Every moment, good or bad, feels better when you have friends. So, yes – learning to make new friends is worth the effort.

To establish new friendships, you may have to step out of your comfort zone. However, this is not enough to build lasting relationships. In this article, you would discover tips on how to make new friends, no matter your personality. We’ll begin by helping you to identify traits that indicate whether a person would make a good friend for you or not.

How to Identify Potential Friends

Anyone can be a friend but everyone cannot be your friend. Amidst persons you’ve come in contact with, certain qualities distinguish a potential friend from the rest. When selecting friends, ensure they are:

Open-minded Truthful Selfless Kind Trustworthy
Jovial Optimistic Respectful Encouraging Forgiving

Tips to Make New Friends

People with the above traits are more receptive to new friendships. They’ll also add value to your life. So, whether you’re looking to make an acquaintance, a social buddy, or a soul friend, traits like that will increase your chances of success. Let’s take a look at some more tips to make new friends:

1. Overcome that Fear

It’s not uncommon to find people who have an inner fear that keeps them from making new friends. If you’re one of them, you might fear not knowing what to say or how to act. You may also be anxious to maintain your concentration, make a good first impression, keep the conversation going, and so on. Shyness and fear go hand-in-hand, so this is a major roadblock to having a great friendship.

The more you worry about the first meetup, the more you convince yourself that you’re not ready for it. You have to overcome that fear by understanding that “perfect” meetups are an illusion. It’s okay to make mistakes. In fact, the same worries may be going through the other party’s head. Take regular deep breaths and see it for what it is: a regular outing with a friend.

2. Begin with Your Inner Circle

Sometimes, going all out and meeting new people can be overwhelming. If you’re convinced that you lack the confidence to do this, you can start small. Before you try to make friends with new people, start with the persons you’re already acquainted with. These people may be your friends’ friend(s), old school mates you lost touch with, colleagues from a different department or branch, and the likes. With this set of people, you don’t have to start from scratch as you’re already familiar with them.

The idea is to help you reconnect, continue from where you left off, or begin a new chapter with the foundation of familiarity, building up to the level of friendship.

3. Find Groups or Cliques to Join

One way to make new friends is to find yourself a group, organization, or clique to join. You can join groups through physical hangouts, workshops, volunteer programs, seminars, or online communities. These platforms are usually a hub where people with different personalities can be found, although with a common interest. Making a new friend at this point would be much easier because there might be similarities in your interests, motivations. These groups also serve as an avenue for your sharing ideas amongst others.

A good example is how platforms such as the Australia online casino space can connect several people with an interest in gambling. So, when in doubt, join groups and cliques to begin your journey of making new friends with the right set of people.

4. Be the Initiator

Once you are around people, you can always be the person to make the first move. You don’t have to wait for the other party to socialize. Start a conversation by sharing something about yourself, but don’t get too complicated. You can break the ice by starting easy; give a compliment, say something about your present environment, and so on. The aim is to try to engage the other party without being forceful.

5. Be Receptive

You may already have a default image about the kind of friends you want. You might seek friends with similar hobbies, interests, or even backgrounds. However, don’t let this hinder you from grooming a relationship with someone who doesn’t possess these attributes. Appreciate diversities and give room for expression because expecting other people to share values or beliefs with you could limit your social life.

Also, try to create a connection, and don’t give off the wrong vibe. Have faith in people, be trusting to a reasonable extent, and open up your heart. These traits will keep you from looking like a stuck-up and rude person.

6. Make Them the Epicenter

The key to connecting with other people is to show complete interest in them. Give them room to express themselves and pay attention to the little details. Getting to know them on all levels by asking questions about their hobbies, goals, dreams, and motivations is a way to keep the focus on them while you listen to their answers sincerely.

7. Don’t Wear a Disguise

Try to be yourself regardless of whatever happens. Do not let the business of making new friends deceive you into tweaking your personality to suit the needs of others. People will always appreciate an authentic and genuine person more. Be dedicated to what you represent and appreciate yourself. This way, they can decide for themselves if they want to move the friendship further or not. You should always try to avoid actions that make you appear desperate for validation.

8. Be Available

Always look out for ways to be there for others. Friendship involves a team of two or more people who can better rely on each other for support, love, and care. Also, don’t help your friends because you expect them to do the same for you – it is because you care. At the same time, know when to draw the line to avoid getting exploited for mental, physical, or financial gains. True friends wouldn’t put you in an uncomfortable situation for their selfish needs.

9. Stay to Keep in Touch

Be consistent with your interest in the other party as you put in the time and effort to maintain the friendship. Try not to be “too busy” for them as it shows how much you value the friendship. With the help of technology, keeping in touch is quite easy. A text message, a gif, or a call would suffice if there isn’t enough time to meet up.

10. Be Cheerful

Everyone wants to have a friend who knows how to bring fun and happiness to the table. A good sense of humor is a pill to healthy friendships. This means that you stand a better chance of connecting with someone when you base your foundation on laughter. This creates an impression that you’re not just about yourself but keeping the other party engaged and happy.


Making new friends is one step in the process of having great relationships. It takes time and patience to go all the way. Overcoming your fear and taking a bold step towards this adventure will yield profound results. So, don’t feel rejected if the first attempt doesn’t work out. There would be a lot of opportunities to engage these tips.

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