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Glamorous and Chic SEXY CRAB Elevating Feisty Crustacean to New Artisanal Gastronomic Heights at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui East This November

October 26, 2020 Dining No Comments

Hong Kong’s glamorous and chic new restaurant SEXY CRAB is set to elevate craving for the beloved crustacean to new gastronomic artisanal heights at global lifestyle destination K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui East this November – promising a “heavenly gourmet journey” raising esteem of the local seafood favourite from traditional to extraordinary.

While iconic autumn season hairy crab has long ‘crabtivated’ Hong Kong menus, SEXY CRAB is showcasing the delicacy in all its culinary glory – as the star of richly-flavoured broths with exquisite, flavoursome handcrafted noodles.

In keeping with the chic twist on culinary tradition, the new dining destination is also dressed to impress – in the retro vintage style of a classic ‘Long Bar’ in 1930s Shanghai, complete with dark mahogany panels and furnishing, and grandiose mirrors reflecting whimsical neon lighting and an expansive open kitchen.

The crab stars of the experience are equally classy; especially selected for seasonality and quality, with roe and crabmeat de-shelled by skilled artisans to eliminate the notoriously fiddly dining experience.  During the current hairy crab season only premium specimens from Jiangsu over 150g are chosen, explaining the brand name in Chinese which translates to “Above 3 Taels”.

Signature crab noodles, meanwhile, are not only handmade daily by specialist craftsmen but also presented in various styles with dedicated width and thickness to bring out optimum flavour marrying crab and roe in differing dishes.  Artisan noodles are made daily for different noodle dishes – to bring the perfect taste and flavour between the crab and the noodle.

Creative recipes with stylish plating and artistic presentation complete a tribute so passionate that artisan chefs test and measure a perfectly ‘golden’ ratio of crab meat and roe for each dish.  The magical combination is so precise that even the ratio of female and male crab roe is taken into account for ultimate umami.

Among classic signatures on the boutique menu of designer dishes, ‘Sexy Crab’ embraces the best of 12 crabs as a DIY dining experience, served with five elegant plates of decadently rich, creamy chicken-crab broth, crab leg, roe, crab oil and delicate ceramic pots of soy sauce and black rice vinegar.  Guests are invited to marry as they please with the housemade hand-pulled noodles.

‘50-50’‘ is named after a 50-50 perfect blend of hairy crab meat and roe in a secret broth of several fish varieties gently simmered for 8-10 hours with healthy, silky handmade, air-dried noodles, topped by grilled Baby Yellow Croaker and scallions, with a dip of shiso tempura and crab roe sauce.

For outrageous decadence, ‘Pillow Talk’ is ultra-luxury whole fish maw stuffed with crab roe, topped with caviar on crab roe noodles.  For such a work of pure, handcrafted culinary art, only five pre-eminently Instaworthy portions are available daily.

Delightful appetisers and snacks include ‘Packing Meat’, wonton stuffed with hairy crab roe and yellow croaker meat in Jinhua ham and chicken broth, borrowing from the style of beloved Shanghainese ‘xiaolongbao’ soup dumplings, floating in house-made broth; ‘It’s Getting Steamy in Here…’ is smoked half-boiled egg served with caviar and crab roe, and ‘Drunk on the Rocks’  is a ‘drunken’ seafood platter with boiled abalone and seasonal seafood marinated in Huadiao wine.

As SEXY CRAB declares: ‘Traditional crab roe noodles are served in an unconventional way that will excite both amateur foodies and seasoned gourmands – promising a mischievous and sensual extraordinary crab noodle experience.  Guests are invited to slurp loudly and indulge unapologetically in appreciation of a comfort food favourite presented in style.’

SEXY CRAB opens in mid-November 2020, seating 23 in a 530 sq ft. venue at Shop 401A, 4/F, K11 MUSEA, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong – operates daily from 12 noon – 10 pm with car parking at K11 MUSEA car park.

For enquiries, please email or call (852) 6655-7629.

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