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Get The Ultimate Shutters For Your House

March 25, 2020 Lifestyle News No Comments
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Are you tired of dull, boring windows? A delicate window shutter is all that you need to light up things in your house. However, people don’t pay a lot of attention when heading over for shutters shopping. Perhaps, they can’t differentiate between different types of shutters, or they have no idea how vast the world of shutters is. Believe it or not, but you can find countless styles in a single type of shutter design.

Honestly, buying shutters is not a child’s play. It swallows a huge chunk of your budget, which means you have to be thoughtful while making the right choice. Well, if you don’t know anything regarding the types and styles of shutters, don’t worry. Have a look below to get the ultimate shutters for your house.

Types of Shutters

Generally, people need shutters for either interior or exterior use. There are three common types of shutters commonly available in different styles. The ‘type’ determines the material of shutters. You have a choice to pick from:

  1. Wooden Shutters – These are the most popular shutters of old times, and even now, you can spot these at many homes. People love them because of their durability, amazing style, and design.
  1. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Shutters – These are the light-weight shutters. Usually, people prefer adding them to their bathroom and kitchen windows since they are perfect for moist areas.
  1. Metal Shutters – Haven’t you seen those roller shutters outside windows? Well, these shutters are made of metals. Alongside having an aesthetic touch, these are durable too.

Style of Shutters

You would come across numerous styles and designs of shutters. To make things easy for you, here are some impeccable styles of shutters to help you decide better.

1.    Plantation Shutters

Are you looking for something delicate and pleasing? Well, there is no better option than a getting plantation shutter. These are super flexible, allowing you to adjust the shutters depending upon the sunlight exposure you want. Hence, rather than closing all the slats, you have the benefit of keeping some open. Unlike traditional shutters, the slats have space in between, letting the light pass through.

Coming to the price, it won’t cost you an arm to buy these since they are quite affordable. However, they don’t ideally provide protection from thunderstorms. Thus, you have to keep your windows closed.


2.    Barn Door Shutters

Some people are not willing to compromise on the aesthetics of the house due to which they are hunting for shutters that are pertinent to the design of the house. Barn door shutters have a very pleasing look; it doesn’t come with traditional slats. It has delicate sliding doors that come with a wheel pulling system, allowing you to open and close the way you like it.

Usually, these are interior shutters, but you can find some amazing barn doors for exterior too. Well, all these features and uniqueness comes with a cost. So, pinch some pennies before you head out for shopping. Remember, these are just fancy shutters with minimal storm protection features.

3.    Louvred Shutters

These shutters have horizontal wooden slats, adding some vintage style. Unlike plantation shutters, these are for the exterior side of the windows. Therefore, it keeps all the dust and dirt outside while passing sunlight inside the house. Also, it is one of the best options if you don’t have a budget since these are very reasonable.

Do you know what the best part is? They have a long life span. They can last up to 5 to 6 years and even more if maintained properly. However, some people think it hard to open and close them since they are placed outside the windows.

4.    French Door Shutters

These have become very popular in the past few years. People are drooling over the concept of these interior and exterior shutters, making it a perfect fit for French doors. Honestly, people believe these shutters are the best alternate for curtains. After all, they give better control over light and temperature adjustments. The only drawback is that they don’t provide enough protection from the storm.

5.    Rolling Shutters

These are very popular and widely used shutters. People love rolling them up and down to adjust the temperature and sunlight exposure. Besides, these are one of the high-quality shutters with amazing storm protection material. Surprisingly, these are available for both interior and exterior use in impeccable designs. Usually, people prefer it for exterior use due to its storm protection, guarding the design of the house. Even though it might cost you a few more bucks, these are worth it.

6.    Café Shutters

Have you ever been to a French café? Well, if you have, you would know how these shutters look like. Unlike other shutters, they don’t cover your entire window, rather just half of it. They are ideal for the kitchen to allow the light to come in. Also, these are very popular in colder regions since they give exposure to sunlight at all times.

Are you wondering about privacy? Well, shutters are on the lower part of the window to keep your house safe from unwanted peeking. Besides, these are only interior shutters.

7.    Arched Shutters

Do you have arched windows and doors at your home? If yes, then you have to grab suitable shutters too. Surprisingly, there are arched shutters available to complement such windows. You have to place them outside the windows that would give a curb appeal to your entire house.

Of course, you have to foot some big bills for these shutters since their design is worth the money. However, these shutters don’t hand over the option of light or temperature adjustment, nor they provide protection against the storm.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the perfect shutters is never easy. You have to make sure it fits your requirements, has a long life span, and complements the theme of your home. Things become arduous for people who have no knowledge about shutters. You can have a look above to get the ultimate shutters for your house. Hence, don’t forget to pull off a mini-research before heading out for shopping.

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