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Gear up as Australian borders reopen!

October 16, 2021 Coronavirus (Covid-19), Headline News No Comments
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After waiting for close to 18 months, Aussies would finally get to travel internationally. However, the pandemic has been challenging for Australians and the tourism industry as well. With social distancing and other COVID-19 norms, travel will not remain the same- not just yet! 

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Earlier this year, with the Delta variant, Prime Minister Scott Morrison had announced to keep the borders closed until next year. However, with robust vaccination in most states, the government has opened international borders for Australians.

The sudden change

The opening of international borders would be a sudden but welcoming change for Australians and the economy. When several other nations have opened their doors for international travel quite a while back, Australia is the newcomer in the business.

Initially, Australia’s vaccination policy was not stringent, because of which the country suffered from an inefficient vaccination process. However, with the timely implementation of strict rules, now Australia is back on track to fight against the virus.

After opening international borders, Aussies would need to adapt to specific recent changes to travel overseas once again.

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Visible Digital Seal

Different countries have different coronavirus vaccines. The problem arises when other countries do not register these domestic vaccines. Now, since international travel is hitting the roads again, governments are making necessary amendments to register domestic vaccines of other countries.

If travelers need to travel internationally, they would need a visible digital seal, which would prove that they are fully vaccinated against the virus. Thus, for efficient visible digital seals, Australia and other countries are registering more vaccines.

So, the Visible Digital Seal would contain vaccination certificates that all countries would verify and trust, including Australia. However, the key problem with Visible Digital Seals would be with countries that do not have the tech to read the VDs, thus, longer processing time.

Another issue would arise when international travellers coming to Australia won’t have a VDs. That would cause log jams at Australian international airports.

The most workable places for Australians to travel. 

The pandemic isn’t over yet and many countries are still grinding under the heap of catastrophic effects of the coronavirus. Thus, there are a few countries where Australians should negate travel, and a few countries would be easy for Australians.

For example, the UK, the US, Canada, and New Zealand would be the most feasible options for international travel for Australians.

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COVID-19 precautions: the top priority

International travel resuming doesn’t imply that COVID-19 is over. People are still dying because of COVID; mass infections are still there in many countries. Thus, the topmost priority should be to follow all the COVID-19 rules with utmost sincerity.

Wearing masks on flights, following social distancing rules and quarantine rules wherever required is a necessity of the hour. Thus, all Australians need to ensure they follow the rules while in Australia and when they travel abroad.

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Because of the pandemic, many pilots, crew members have been laid off. Additionally, several flights have stopped working, and there have been fluctuations in route demands. Thus, 2022 would be a challenging year for the aviation industry. However, with government support and efficient planning, things can get back on track, and the most important thing is that the doors to abroad would finally be open to Aussies. 



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