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Future Cost of Disney Parks Around The World:

August 14, 2021 Theme Parks No Comments
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Disney Parks may be the “happiest place on Earth”, but experiencing such joy comes at a hefty price as research by KOALA reveals the predicted cost of going to Disney in 2031 is expected to increase by up to 104%.

The research looked at the original cost of a ticket in each Disney Resort when it first opened and compared that against current prices to be able to predict the cost of a ticket to each resort in ten years’ time.
Future Cost of Disney Parks Around The World:



Opening price (USD)

Current Price (USD)

Predicted 2031 Price (USD)

% Increase 2021 to 2031

% Increase Opening to 2031


Disneyland Resort, California







Walt Disney World, Florida







Disneyland Paris







Hong Kong Disneyland Resort







Tokyo Disney Resort







Shanghai Disney Resort






👸 Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is projected to be the most expensive Disney destination, costing $253 per adult ticket in 2031. This is an increase of 7134% since the park first opened 50 years ago.
🏰 Disneyland Resort in California is predicted to cost $224 per person in ten years, which is an 8858% increase since the resort first opened in 1955, the biggest increase across all parks.
🎢 China’s Shanghai Disney Resort is currently the most affordable of the group and is set to retain that title with prices only projected to rise 25% by 2031.
Mike Kennedy, Cofounder and CEO at KOALA commented on the findings:
“It’s always interesting to see how prices increase over time. It’s hard to imagine the price of an adult ticket to Disneyland California was just $2.50 in 1955. It’s $124 today, and if trends continue, an equivalent ticket would cost a hefty $222 in ten years time. We’re predicting similar increases in the other Disney parks, although at different rates. The Asian parks, in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo, will likely remain more affordable.
“Despite the steep increase in price, millions of families continue to travel to the parks each year and pay a premium to experience that Disney magic. At KOALA, we’ve seen a steady rise in bookings to the Orlando area in particular — evidence that Disney’s trademark fun and R&R continues to be a lure, especially for families planning their post-pandemic “comeback” vacations. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to save on a Disney vacation, such as renting a timeshare directly from the owner.”
KOALA also shared their top tips on how to save on costs when going to Disney:
Timeshares – Timeshare owners can’t always use their vacation property, and they will often rent them to help defray their annual costs. Timeshare resorts are ideal for families, because they have extra space, kitchen and laundry facilities, and all the perks of a traditional resort.
Ticket sales – Disney Parks will occasionally offer tickets that can save you money if you can make the small print work with your plans. Travel agents will often have subsidized tickets or bundle options that come with a discount.
Transportation – When booking your rental properties, consider transportation links to the parks and weigh up the expense. Many timeshare resorts will offer shuttle services directly to the resorts, so you don’t have to worry about parking. Some resorts may be within walking distance and for others, you may need to use public transportation or rent a car.
Travel off-season – Ticket prices during the off-season are more reasonable, from airfare and park tickets to hotel and rental rates. So traveling to Disney Parks off-peak is bound to save you some money. Plus, with fewer crowds, you’ll be less tempted to purchase priority tickets to skip the line.
Food and drink – Rather than buying food and drinks on-site, go grocery shopping and stock up on supplies. Lunch for a family of four at a Disney Park can easily top $50 a day. So make use of the kitchen in your timeshare rental, and make your own sandwiches for your day at Disney.
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