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Exciting job opportunities evolving in tourism industry 2021

February 10, 2021 Headline News No Comments

A significant workforce employed in the travel sector was forced to go on the wallaby track with economic activities decimating amid lockdown and border restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, the recovery route for travel players has been quite bumpy as many tourists remained travel-apprehensive despite harbouring deep enthusiasm to explore places.

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Nevertheless, it is just the start of 2021- the year of hope and recovery. Significant developments seem to be clearly showing the bright side to the travel industry stakeholders, such as the ongoing mass vaccination programs and the growing number of agencies championing travel pass. These advancements can prove to be the silver bullet to fix the industry quickly.

At this juncture, remaining ahead of the curve to leverage early-mover advantage or hone some key skills can work wonders to beef up one’s career.

In this backdrop, let us look at three job opportunities currently blossoming in the tourism industry.

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The risk perception of travellers has grown manifolds with the onset of coronavirus. While travel enthusiasts wish to nourish their vagabond spirits, jeopardising with safety is certainly no dice.

Mckinsey has predicted that the travel area being one of the sectors bracing the most severe pandemic blow can take at least five years to return to pre-pandemic levels. It means that apprehensions and doubts regarding travel safety are expected to stay in place for a significant period.

The changing tourism settings present a booming market for travel providers who can offer a range of counselling services concerning travel. The risk of contracting infection, changing context of border restrictions, and travel documents needed during the pandemic era can provide some specific information to the customers.

Meanwhile, travel-related financial plans integrating risk considerations can be offered to potential travellers.

Travel Insurer
The vicissitude of the current scenario is quite evident, making the risk associated with both the local and international travel a critical agenda for the world. Nevertheless, the unprecedented crisis has brought along opportunities in the insurance space, enhancing career potential in the travel insurance area.

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Globe trotters looking for a smooth and trouble-free journey are expected to take insurance covers that can help them to sail smoothly despite uncalled mishaps.

Furthermore, it is highly anticipated that post-pandemic international travel would demand health insurance for covering hospital bills, quarantine cost and many other similar expenditures during their journey.

With travel insurance likely to be the new normal in the next phase of global travel, working as a travel insurer can present an exciting career prospect.

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Sustainable Travel Service Provider

The pandemic has served to be an eye-opener for many, thereby enhancing sustainability focus while health concerns ride high. The changed attitude towards the earth is driving up the demand for green or ecological tourism. At the same time, the local tourists being directly exposed to the ill-effects of non-responsible tourist activities can steer their behaviours to environment-friendly practices.

The green tourism also presents substantial opportunities for the development of niche travel services, which can take away the pressure from popular destinations, many of which face a loss of biodiversity. With many governments keen on supporting flora and fauna, such sustainable niche services can also gain financial backings while developing innovative travel service ecosystems. Significantly, smart technologies can be integrated into such services to provide a cutting edge to the offerings.

While many industries witnessed early anodyne effects with the gradual rollout of Government stimulus, travel relaxations and rise in the consumer sentiments, the doom and gloom of the travel sector have continued. Nevertheless, the pandemic can turn out to be that ‘Big Bang’ for the travel industry, spawning innovative opportunities and expanding the universe of travel product and services.

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