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European Waterways creates authentic “slow travel” experiences on luxury French Canal Barge Trips

April 21, 2021 River Cruising No Comments
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‘Slow travel’ experiences that allow you to wind down and truly appreciate a place rather than just start ticking off tourist attractions for the sake of it, are more popular than ever.

European Waterways’ luxury barge trips are a prime example, immersing guests in the culture, history and landscapes along some of Europe’s picturesque waterways, including rural France. The barge cruising specialist guarantees an unforgettable French escape by focusing on the following ten French barging ‘commandments’: 

  1. Sample the Wonderful Wines


It’s France, so the first of the top ten has to be the wine! The thrill and enjoyment of sampling world-famous tipples in the very regions they’re produced is one of the most memorable highlights of European Waterways’ barge trips, with plenty of opportunities to go on shore excursions for tours and tastings. The food and wine service on all cruises is exemplary and offer a handpicked selection of wines to complement every meal, whilst also readily available at the open bar. 

  1. Food, Fabulous Food

French cuisine is famous worldwide and getting to sample authentic regional dishes is a huge part of a well-rounded holiday experience in France. The on-board master chefs work hard to ensure you’ll eat the finest regional cuisine at every meal. Enjoy regional gastronomic delights like Beef Bourguignon in Burgundy, Gascon Foie Gras in Gascony and Entrecote Bordelaise in Bordeaux. Some cruises even offer cooking demonstrations – and you’ll get the recipes to take with you. 

  1. Delve into the History

European Waterways plans shore excursions to include a diverse range of impressive historical sites. Itineraries are bursting at the seams with must-visit historical attractions, including UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as a selection of lesser-known hidden gems. Cruise the picturesque Canal du Midi, witness awe-inspiring Vézelay, enjoy tea with a Countess at her 18th Century château and so much more… 

  1.   Fresh Air and Open Spaces

Unlike the larger river cruisers, hotel barges offer guests the opportunity for guests to regularly hop-off at each lock to stretch their legs and explore along the towpath. It’s an ideal time to enjoy the fresh air of the open countryside, and perhaps take advantage of the complimentary bicycle hire – meeting the barge at another lock along the route. 

  1. Be Amazed at the Aqueducts

The aqueducts constructed to facilitate trade, irrigation and urban water supplies date back to Roman times and are true feats of engineering, as well as a testament to human determination. They really do represent the lifeblood of the many regions through which European Waterways’ luxury barges travel, and their itineraries help you discover some of the country’s most iconic aqueducts. 

  1. Outstanding Architecture of the Locks

One of the finest examples of French architecture and construction is the incredible engineering involved in the many locks that are found throughout the country’s extensive network of waterways. You’ll have a front row seat to see the ingenious workings of many of these locks as you cruise the countryside, including the famed seven locks of Beziers and St Louis of Arzviller. 

  1. Make Merry with Music

There’s just really nothing quite like the ambience of enjoying a private live music performance with sundowners as you cruise the stunning waterways and watch the world slip by. Your hosts will make sure you’ve got a glass of something refreshing in your hand as you sit back, relax and listen to the sounds of a fabulous French jazz band up close and personal. 

  1. The Luxury of Genuine Service

The dedicated crew strive to create a wonderfully relaxed ambience aboard their luxury barges, and they’re a place where our guests can truly feel at home and experience the intimate ‘grown-up house party’ feel that’s so typical of France, the home of barging. 

  1. It’s All About the Croissant

When you’re aboard one of these charming vessels, you’ll be served fresh-from-the-oven croissants. Every morning, one of the crew has the task of heading to the local boulangerie to handpick the best and freshest croissants to bring back so guests can have the most authentic and delicious experience possible. 

  1. Cheese Please!

European Waterways is passionate about cheese. So much so, it’s served every day after dinner. All itineraries ensure that you’ll get to sample a huge variety, both on-board and during shore excursions. Every barge has a specialty cheese menu, depending on the region you’re in – but the best advice is not to try and choose, just try them all!

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