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Emergency Relief in Yemen: An Update

February 20, 2021 Visit Middle East / Dubai No Comments

In times of global unrest and uncertainty, it’s common that we adopt a tunnel vision and struggle to see outside of the social confines that directly impact our lives. Despite the unprecedented events that unfolded in 2020, there are travesties that are still occurring all over the world, and they have only been heightened due to Covid-19, compounding their need for support. Yemen is one such cause that requires emergency relief, so let’s discuss the current state of play in this Middle-Eastern country and why it is time to donate to Yemen.

Water crisis caused by the war in the city of Taiz South Yemen.

The aftermath of war

After a five year war in Yemen, services and resources have been depleted, which were in narrow supply, to begin with. This has led to a devastating chain of events, with cholera being unleashed following the conflict, and then famine, and now Covid-19 delivering a fatal blow to those already in a vulnerable state. The pandemic has already resulted in a significant number of deaths, with many dying in their own homes with no other place providing refuge and care. 


As we have seen with African countries, communities without functioning healthcare, and a lack of safe water and hygiene can contribute to an uncontrolled outbreak with even more lives threatened. Washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining a distance is truly a privilege not afforded by all. Only with international support and intervention can this threatening position be addressed. 

Millions in need

If you can’t imagine just how many lives and livelihoods are in need in Yemen, it has been calculated that more than 24 million require immediate support, which is 80% of the Yemen population. This equates to the entire population of Australia, putting the impact of this pandemic and the lingering impact of a half-decade war into a global perspective. Given the ongoing threat of conflict that presents in Yemen, unfortunately not every international aid can be on the ground and supporting the Yemeni community as they do in other locations. This makes focusing our attention on these contributing support services even more important, with any financial donation made going directly into the community through these limited charities sources.


Yemen has been marked as one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, ‘stalked by virus’ and conflict. The UN has further stated this emergency by calling it the ‘most needy place on earth’, with the open-ended and fast-moving nature of the Covid-19 virus having the potential to hit the population harder than we have seen anywhere else in the world. 

The plan to rebuild

Support for Yemen will provide crucial aid in controlling the spread of Covid-19, but that’s not all. Building sustainable systems that facilitate hygiene practices are also a priority for aid providers. Repairing water systems, erecting makeshift camps, constructing toilets and establishing a funnel to distribute hygiene kits will go a long way in protecting the future of this fragile country. 


With the pandemic sweeping through Yemen, any measure that can be made to reduce the spread of infection and protect the vulnerable is being facilitated with the current means donated by generous advocates. Hospitals and schools not only need resources to support the community, but many require aid in rebuilding and rolling out significant clean up campaigns so that new foundations can be laid.




If you are in a position to support the people of Yemen in rebuilding their community to be safe and resilient against Covid-19, your donations will go a long way in providing emergency relief. You can also champion these efforts by amplifying the message on social platforms and in community settings, to raise awareness of the injustices unfolding in this vulnerable country.

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