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‘Crabalicious’ Romance for February’s ‘Month of Love’ at Glamorous SEXY CRAB

January 28, 2021 Dining No Comments

Glamorous and chic SEXY CRAB is seducing lovebirds with a ‘‘crabtastic” romantic celebration of February’s ‘month of love’ with new delicacies along with a spectacular instaworthy “Merry-go-Round” pairing crab roe canapés and yellow wines at the chic dining destination at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui East.

SEXY CRAB’s new a la carte specialty – “Red Hot Passion” (HK$328), is launched exclusively for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day celebrations from 12-18 February 2021.  Also available for takeaway, this decadent dish features flesh and roe of two premium hairy crabs selected over 110 grams, with a 70%/30% ratio of male and female roe; lobster sauce gently simmered with crab roe, lobster shells, shrimp head and seasonal crab meat, and 10g of black truffle for a decadent after-taste.

To elevate feisty crustacean to new gastronomic heights, SEXY CRAB also introduces its first-ever rice dish to the general menu.  Suggestively-named “Hot and Hard” (HK$188) features extra-rich crab roe and crab meat over plump, glossy Japanese Hokkaido rice, embracing the best of two hairy crabs, including flesh and roe, especially selected over 110 grams, with a ratio of 40% meat, 25% male roe and 35% female roe.  With 1:1 ratio of Nanatsuboshi Hokkaido rice for a perfect balance of stickiness and sweetness, ingredients also feature crab meat, pickled radish and shiso leaves, with the clay pot-style dish served in an authentic stone pot.

A breathtakingly ornate ‘Sex Swing’ of four decadent crab roe canapés headlines the lovingly crafted fairground-style display for flirtatious couples – with a ‘Flirty Go-Round’ of four exquisite Huangjiu yellow wines in golden goblets for an intoxicating match.

In keeping with its ‘crabtivating’ tradition, all the ‘crabalicious’ ‘Sex Swing’ canapés star SEXY CRAB’s signature ‘golden ratio’ of female and male crab roe for ultimate umami.  This magical combination of roe is paired with four gastronomic canapés of Grilled Wagyu BeefTender RadishCaviar Sea Urchin Rolled in Slow Cooked Chicken Breast, and Fresh Scallop and Fish Maw.

The ‘Flirty Go-Round’ of Huangjiu wines is an imperial invitation to free inhibitions or break the ice over four intoxicating classics – Ginger Yellow WinePreserved Plum Yellow WineAged Sun-Dried Orange Peel Yellow Wine and Dried Logan Yellow Wine. The combination elegantly adheres to Chinese tradition, with crab considered a “cooling” food, ideally paired with “warming” yellow wine or ginger tea, commonly served with a dipping sauce of ginger slivers in Zhenjiang vinegar.

The “Merry-go-Round” love set of ‘Sex Swing’ and ‘Flirty Go-Round’ is priced HK$568, will be launched when evening dine-in resumes.  Exclusively limited to 50 sets only during the promotional period, ‘Flirty Go-Round’ can also be ordered separately at HK$238.

For priority reservations to enjoy this ravishing experience, fans of SEXY CRAB are invited to enter a lucky draw by following @sexycrabhk on Instagram and tagging a friend before 31 January 2021, when 10 winners of assured bookings will be announced.

SEXY CRAB is newly-opened in November 2020 to rave reviews at global lifestyle destination K11 MUSEA in Tim Sha Tsui East, raising esteem of the local seafood favourite from traditional to extraordinary – gloriously showcasing the delicacy as the star of richly-flavoured broths with exquisite, flavoursome handcrafted noodles.

Crab roe noodles is the signature specialty with crab stars of the menu handpicked for seasonality and premium quality.  Only premium specimens over 150g are chosen, explaining the Chinese brand name which translates to “Above 3 Taels”.  Skilled artisans de-shell the notoriously fiddly roe and crabmeat, while signature noodles are handmade daily by specialist craftsmen – in various styles and sizes optimising flavour of differing dishes.

Instaworthy creative designer dishes complete a ‘crabulous’ dining experience so passionate that a ‘golden’ ratio of crab meat, crab roe and crab oil is precisely measured for each dish, along with a perfect proportion of female and male roe for ultimate umami.

In line with the home dining trend, a takeaway menu with door-to-door delivery via Deliveroo is also available for four of the signature dishes – ‘Sexy Crab’  (HK$368) with five elegant plates of decadently rich, creamy chicken-crab broth, crab leg, roe, crab oil and a delicate teapot of soy sauce, topped with crab roe; ‘Packing Meat’  (HK$158) is wonton stuffed with hairy crab roe and yellow croaker in Jinhua ham and fish broth with shrimp head paste broth; eye-catchingly instagrammable ‘It’s Getting Steamy in Here’ (HK$78) pairing smoked half-boiled egg with Caviar House & Prunier’s luxurious CAVIAR FRANCAIS, and hairy crab oil;  and ‘Drunk on the Rocks’ (HK$128) ‘drunken’ seafood platter with boiled South African abalone, crab roe and seasonal seafood marinated in Huadiao wine.

SEXY CRAB is located at Shop 401A, 4/F, K11 MUSEA, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong; with a chic twist on crab tradition, the new dining destination is also dressed to impress – in an exclusive, intimate, retro vintage, 23-seat, 530 sq.ft. haven of dark mahogany décor and open kitchen, complete with grandiose mirrors reflecting whimsical neon lighting and a classic 1930s Shanghai-style ‘Long Bar’.

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