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Commonpass, Trustassure And Affinidi Announce Global Solution For End-To-End Health Status Verification For International Travel

June 21, 2021 Coronavirus (Covid-19) No Comments

The Commons Project Foundation, TrustAssure and Affinidi are implementing a universal health pass solution designed to interoperate with the leading health credential standards being deployed worldwide, enabling airlines and border control offices to quickly verify an individual’s COVID-19 health status as international travel resumes.

“As Delta designs solutions to help our customers navigate the complexities of post-pandemic international travel, this partnership will give us the tools to verify more credentials from trusted health providers as more countries reopen. We are bringing together trusted standards in partnership with CommonPass, TrustAssure, Affinidi and others to save customers time and reduce guesswork,” said Matthew Shigenobu Muta, Vice President Innovation, Delta Air Lines.

Proving that individuals are COVID-19 vaccinated and COVID-19 free is a complex issue that requires airlines and border officials to verify thousands of siloed sources of data globally. With different countries adopting different digital credential technology, there has not been a global agreement on a single specification of data flow or an established standard for ensuring the validity of a health record from the lab issuance of a health credential all the way through to the verification of that information.

The combination of CommonPass, TrustAssure and Affinidi will bring best-of-breed services in unique fields to a single, integrated, end-to-end service that makes it easy for organizations, airlines or governments to verify the COVID-19 status of individuals and ensure the records come from a trusted, reputable health data source.

Under the new partnership, travelers will be able to use TrustAssure to schedule and book a COVID-19 test in a way that meets the local requirements of their destination and allows users to upload the results and convert them into a globally recognized format.

CommonPass provides the ability for sensitive health reports and credentials to be converted to a privacy-preserving verifiable credential, allowing for proof of entry requirements without disclosing any personal information.

Affinidi, through its Unifier solution, enables airlines and immigrations authorities to efficiently and accurately verify different technologies, standards and formats on a single web-based platform.

“Today marks a major milestone for the stakeholders looking for a trusted, efficient way to manage the record verification process, in a way that is also privacy preserving for the consumer,” said Paul Meyer, CEO of The Commons Project Foundation. “The Commons Project is committed to developing solutions that put individuals in full control of their own health data, and working with Affinidi and TrustAssure to provide this option is a critical part of realizing this mission.”

“Building upon our growing success in the travel sector, deeply integrating the TrustAssure platform with both CommonPass and Affinidi is the natural next step in the evolution of a true end-to-end solution that focuses on returning operational efficiency to travel related providers and delivering the pre-Covid convenience experience for passengers.” said Glenn Field CEO of SiriusIQ and CLX Health. “Our combined long-term vision is lock step with the important work that The Commons Project Foundation is doing. This is a natural partnership.”

Commenting on the partnership, Glenn Gore, CEO of Affinidi, said“With countries gradually easing restrictions for international travel, public health safety remains the top priority for governments, the aviation industry and travelers alike. We believe that achieving this requires the collaboration of global and diverse stakeholders to find new and effective solutions that are built on a trusted ecosystem of verifiable health credentials. As we continue to enable a growing network of global partners through our interoperable Unifier solution, this partnership with CommonPass and TrustAssure is a step in the right direction and contributes to our collective efforts to rebuild confidence in reopening cross-border travels safely.”

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