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Chile Tourism invites travellers to visit Chile from a distance

March 30, 2020 Destination Global No Comments
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Given the current restrictions facing Chile’s travel and arts industry, Chile Tourism has today released a list of virtual tours across the nation’s tourism and cultural institutions. From national museums and and art galleries to virtual theatres and astronomy tours, people from around the world now have the ability to explore the monuments and culture of Chile without leaving the house. See below a list of some of the best attractions to virtually explore.

1. Museums and visual arts

National Museum of Fine Arts
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
The National Museum of Fine Arts is the most important visual arts museum in Chile. Its building was declared a national monument in 1976. The museum has hosted some of the most pivotal artistic exhibitions in the history of Chilean art. Travellers can take a virtual tour of its permanent collection and local exhibitions.

Numismatic Museum of the Central Bank of Chile
Museo Numismático del Banco Central de Chile
The Numismatic Museum of the Central Bank of Chile is an initiative to preserve the most complete public exhibition of Chilean coins and bills and spread knowledge about the Central Bank´s role, as well as the history of money in Chile and the world.

National Historical Museum
Museo Histórico Nacional
Located in the heart of Santiago, in the Plaza de Armas, the National Historical Museum hosts a collection of artefacts, paintings and sculptures of illustrious figures that shaped Chile as a nation. Built in the early nineteenth century, the museum houses nearly 550,000 pieces from Chile’s historical collection. Through the virtual tour, travellers can visit the building and its main exhibitions and understand the history of Chile’s independence.

La Moneda Cultural Centre
Palacio La Moneda Cultural Center

Located under Chile’s Presidential Palace, the Palacio La Moneda Cultural Centre houses artistic, cinematographic and theatrical displays and is one of the most important cultural centres in the country.

2. Theatre

Teatro a Mil Foundation

Fundacion Teatro a Mil
The Teatro a Mil Foundation is an institution which hosts various theatrical productions and organises the annual ‘Teatro a Mil Festival’ – a month-long festival of classic, modern and experimental plays, many of them free of charge. The foundation has created its own online channel, streaming a selection of renowned Chilean plays, interviews and profiles of important Chilean playwrites and actors, as well as a diverse journey through the history of Chilean theatre.

Municipal Theatre
Teatro Municipal de Santiago
The Municipal Theatre, built in 1857, is one of the oldest theatres in Chile and one of the most beautiful buildings in the city of Santiago. The theatre is one of the only cultural spaces in Chile where classical works of opera, ballet and the symphony orchestra are held.
The theatre has created an online streaming service, Municipal Delivery, where culture-lovers can enjoy classics such as The Nutcracker, The Barber of Seville, Swan Lake and national creations such as ‘El Cristo de Elqui’ and ‘Papelucho in the Opera.’

3. National Buildings

La Moneda Palace
Palacio de la Moneda
La Moneda Presidential Palace is the most important political building in Chile, as the place where the current president works and exercises his leadership. La Moneda Palace is not normally open to the public (with the exception of National Heritage Day), however a virtual tour of the building has been created through google street view. The tour offers travellers the chance to understand part of Chile’s historical-political past.

4. Astronomy

Virtual astronomy tours
As one of the most important astronomical countries in the world, Chile has released a variety of virtual tours of the nation’s observatories and planetariums.

5. Film

Heading to the heart of Patagonia
Rumbo al corazón de la Patagonia
A documentary about Chile’s Route 7, the Austral Highway, delves into the magnificent Patagonian nature, a territory that German expats also chose as their new home.

Where to see: Youtube

Nostalgia de la Luz
Documentary by Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán
Astronomers of the world gather in the Atacama Desert to observe the stars, since the transparency of the sky allows us to watch the confines of the universe. It is also a place where dryness keeps human remains intact. As astronomers scan the galaxies for a possible extraterrestrial life, at the foot of the observers, a group of women remove stones, looking for their missing relatives.
Where to see: Onda media

Isla de Robinson Crusoe
Documentary by Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán
The director goes in search of the legendary island of Robinson Crusoe. The island is not only a product of the imagination created by Daniel Defoe in the 18th century, but it really exists in the Pacific Ocean, 700 kilometres from the Chilean coast. In the film, the tracks of Robinson, Daniel Defoe and Pablo Neruda appear.
Where to see: Onda media

Wild Chile, un viaje salvaje
A documentary showcasing the nature and wildlife of Chile as never seen before.
Where to see:

Violeta se fue a los cielos
Based on the book by her son, Ángel Parra, Violeta se fue a los cielos is a portrait of the famous singer and folklorist Violeta Parra, which encompasses her musical work, her memories, loves and hopes.
Where to see: Onda media

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