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Celebrity Japanese Ramen Champion & Famous Ramen Creator Partner Hong Kong Launch of RAMEN CUBISM

January 14, 2019 Dining No Comments

Japan’s ramen noodle champion Hayashi Takao and leading specialist in Japan’s national culinary art form Matsumura Takahiro today launched their first international flagship brand RAMEN CUBISM at a chic basement venue in Wellington Street, Central.

RAMEN CUBISM launches a new era ramen-devotees, introducing famed noodle broths from the celebrity chef’s flagship restaurant ‘Original Ramen Style Hayashi’ – renowned for lengthy daily queues of up to 100 patient customers at Tsukamoto Station in Osaka.

His partner Chef Matsumura is equally renowned as a ramen master and recipe developer, having established eight playfully-named noodle brands including Human Beings Everybody Noodles, ranked among Osaka’s favourite restaurants on Tripadvisor, The Old Man’s Best SwingThe Most Deserted Ramen-Bar In The WorldThe Soul of Japan,Takahiro RamenNamonaki Ramen and the newly opened The Most Hopeful Ramen Bar in the World.

The two young chefs, both aged 31, are collaborating for their first overseas venture with Hong Kong’s Bird Kingdom Group, renowned for putting Lai Chi Kok’s D2 Place on the dining map.

Hong Kong is earmarked as the springboard to expand RAMEN CUBISM as an international brand with branches across the region – including their hometown of Osaka, Macau (in Q2, 2019) and mainland China.

Famed for his soup bases, Chef Hayashi handcrafts his culinary creations from prized, specially-selected ingredients.


Key ‘secret’ ingredients that have sparked a cult following among ramen-aficionados include prized Tanba chicken, organically reared from pesticide-free farms for a fragrant and rich flavor; andkagome khumbu, a nutritional, edible kelp known also as ‘bamboo seaweed’, which was once reserved only for royalty, but is harvested exclusively for him by a khumbu artisan.

The unique new ramen experience for Hong Kong diners is also enhanced by another ‘secret’ ingredient – top quality aigamo ‘rice’ duck, a hybrid of wild and domestic duck with a distinctively lavish flavour.

A traditional 300kg Japanese ramen-making machine ensures a stretchy, chewy texture for his noodles that is widely idolised on social media.

In celebration of its opening, RAMEN CUBISM features five broths created exclusively for global launching in Hong Kong, even ahead of Osaka.

Complete with slow cooked, melt in your mouth pork belly, three chicken ramen signatures include rich-flavoured The Earth Bird – Clear Broth; silky The Sky Bird – White Soup, simmered with chicken; and vibrant, aromatic options enriched with secret spices –The Sky Bird – Spicy White Soup, limited to 200 servings a day – all priced HK$88.

An extra-hearty option, Premium Cubism, features white soup with three slices of slow-cooked pork belly and a half soft-centered boiled egg, priced HK$118.

Chef Matsumura’s The Sea – Soy Soup (HK$88) is also launched with a RAMAN CUBISM twist for Hong Kong, highlighting broth made with shellfish, nine premium Japanese soy sauces and bonito (skipjack) – complemented by a thick 3cm slice of tasty, top quality, stewed pork.

Hungry diners can also opt for an extra slice of the succulent slow-cooked pork belly for an extra HK$18.

As well as ramen, also on the menu are Chef Hayashi’s ever-popular, crispy, golden Matsu Hayashi’s Dumplings with a signature chili sauce dip, presented with a Hong Kong twist at HK$38.

Hand-picked craft beer is also a signature of Chef Hayashi’s youthful ramen dining style, with selected brews from COEDO priced HK$48, including rich-tasting Shikkoku Black Lager, ideal for tempering spiciness of The Sky Bird – Spicy White Soup; everyday brew Ruri, matching with The Earth Bird – Clear Broth Ramen; and fruity-flavoured Shiro, perfect for enjoying with milky and silky, slow-cooked ramen The Sky Bird – White Soup.

“RAMEN CUBISM promises to bring a one of a kind ramen experience to Hong Kong diners,” said Chef Hayashi.

“Our creations are unconventional, marrying traditional cooking technology and innovative ideas. With our strategic location in Central, where different cultures meet, we are sure we will soon become Hong Kong’s favourite ramen destination.”

“Bird Kingdom Group is honoured and excited to partner with two of Japan’s most renowned and revered ramen master chefs,” said Bird Kingdom Group CEO Eric Ting.

“RAMEN CUBISM promises to be a magnet for lovers of this beloved specialty.  We look forward to building a new generation of followers in Hong Kong and worldwide for this traditional high quality and flavourful comfort food,”

Named after the early 20th century art movement pioneered by Pablo Picasso, RAMEN CUBISM’s Wellington Street venue is immediately recognisable by a graffiti mural on the street wall by Russian artist Sergei Rozhnow.

Merging vivid images of historic ramen masters and the two celebrity chefs with Japanese anime characters, the vibrant mural is inspired by parallels between the influential creativity of cubism art and minimalist simplicity of Japanese culture.

The cosy interior of RAMEN CUBISM features a predominant wood finish, invoking the sense of natural, fresh, and authentic ingredients sourced from environmentally-friendly places. The authentic feel of this place is also amplified by the Japanese pottery specially commissioned for the chefs’ signature noodles.

RAMEN CUBISM is in the basement of Yuen Yick Building, No. 27-29 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Opens from Sunday to Thursday, 11:00 am to 11:00 pm and Friday to Saturday, 11:00 am to 12:00 midnight; payment are accepted by cash, Octopus, Alipay and WeChat Pay.

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