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“Nationals leadership playing same old climate game”

“Queenslanders are tired of politicians playing games with climate change for their own political gain,” said Dave Copeman, Queensland Conservation Council’s Director.   … Continue Reading

Centara Reaffirms Commitment To Sustainability With Ambitious Long-Term Plan For An Ecologically Conscious Future

Centara Hotels & Resorts, Thailand’s leading hotel operator, announces a renewed commitment to environmental sustainability with a new long-term goals to meet climate-related targets. … Continue Reading

WTTC and UNEP release new report on single-use plastic products to advance sustainability in Travel & Tourism

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), launch a major new report today, addressing the complex issue of single-use plastic products within Travel & Tourism. … Continue Reading

A budget for renewable energy transformation, but not national parks

The Queensland Conservation Council has today welcomed the Palaszczuk government’s investment in renewable energy and land restoration.

… Continue Reading

World Ocean Day Seychelles Saving Its Seas & Marine Life

Scattered off the East coast of Africa, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, are the Seychelles Islands guarding one of its most prized possessions; its ocean.

… Continue Reading

Misplaced pride in ropey Australian fish stocks report

On World Oceans Day, a Federal Government agency has presented a fish stocks assessment which is far rosier than the reality for many of our fisheries.   … Continue Reading

Mallorca Joins UNWTO’s Network Of Sustainable Tourism Observatories

Mallorca, one of Europe’s top destinations for more than 70 years, welcoming millions of visitors every year, becomes the latest member of UNWTO’s global INSTO network. … Continue Reading reveals how the ‘pandemic effect’ could finally tip sustainable travel intent for Aussies into impactful action today releases the 2021 Sustainable Travel Reportrevealing insights from more than 29,000 travellers across 30 countries, which indicate the pandemic might have been the tipping point for travellers to finally commit to their own sustainable journey. The latest research finds Aussie travellers are more committed than ever to travel in a mindful way, with 61% of travellers reporting they believe people have to act now to save the planet for future generations. … Continue Reading

Airgarden’s Vertical Garden Creates A Fail-Proof Farm On Your Balcony

Airgarden, the vertical soilless gardening system that uses revolutionary NASA-developed technology, is putting
farms into the hands of urban dwellers for the first time. The game-changing system allows anyone from a novice to a greenthumb, to sprout five times more home-grown produce, three times faster, with 95 percent less water taking up just one square metre of space. … Continue Reading

Viral poet Tomfoolery shares moving tale of ‘Dancing Dolphins’ for World Oceans Day

Tomfoolery, the young, charismatic poet and viral sensation who captured the hearts of millions has teamed up with World Animal Protection to share a moving poem, answering his eight-year-old sister’s big question ‘why are people mean to animals? ‘ … Continue Reading


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