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Marketing push will help Australian domestic tourism reach record highs by 2025, according to a GlobalData

Strongly supported by Tourism Australia’s domestic campaign, leading data and analytics company GlobalData forecasts a record number of domestic trips in the country by 2025: double that seen in 2020 and representing a 14% growth on pre-pandemic levels. … Continue Reading

Sentiments around China up by 16% in 2021 as US firms continue to rely for domestic supply, reveals GlobalData

The COVID-19 pandemic and strained economic ties between the US and China impacted the sentiments of US-based companies around China in 2020. However, sentiments seem to have gained ground in 2021* growing year-on-year by around 16%, finds GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. … Continue Reading

The Least and Most Stressful Cities Index 2021, the CBD and well-being brand, has released a study which ranks cities by assessing how stressful their environments are for their inhabitants. As part of its mission to promote inner balance and mindfulness, the company decided to look into common external factors that make city-living stressful for urbanites. … Continue Reading

Travelers prefer booking directly with providers amid uncertainty, according to a GlobalData poll

A recent GlobalData poll has revealed a shift in consumer preference towards booking holidays directly, instead of going through an online travel agency (OTA). A total 39%* of respondents said they would typically book directly, followed by 17% that opted for OTAs and price comparison sites. … Continue Reading

75% of C-level executives in the U.S. retail, hotel and restaurant sectors* admit to a seismic shift towards digital commerce according to a study revealed by J.P. Morgan and FreedomPay

PREPARING FOR THE RETURN OF DEMAND How America’s Retail & Hospitality Tech Elite Tackle Disruption with New Commerce Investment’, an independently conducted analysis of the views of America’s primary sectoral IT decision-makers, commissioned by global payments leader J.P. Morgan and commerce innovator FreedomPay is published today. … Continue Reading

April Travel Demand a Tale of Two Markets: Domestic Recovery and International Stagnation

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that domestic travel demand improved in April 2021 compared to the prior month, although it remained well below pre-pandemic levels, while recovery in international passenger travel continued to be stalled in the face of government-imposed travel restrictions. … Continue Reading

This summer, it’s a staycation or Caribbean vacation

The latest research from ForwardKeys, which has the most up to date and comprehensive fight booking data available, reveals that the outlook for international air travel this summer (1st June – 31st August) is set to be just under a quarter (23%) of pre-pandemic levels. … Continue Reading

Tourist Numbers Down 83% But Confidence Slowly Rising

Between January and March 2021 destinations around the world welcomed 180 million fewer international arrivals compared to the first quarter of last year. … Continue Reading

Agoda Sustainable Travel Trends Survey reveals people’s top concerns about tourism’s impact, and measures to make travel more sustainable

Easy identification of sustainable eco-friendly travel options, limited use of single-use plastics and financial incentives for accommodation providers who maximize energy efficiencies are the top three additional measures needed to make travel more sustainable according to Agoda’s Sustainable Travel Trends Survey. … Continue Reading

China’s wealth market growth continues to drive affluent population growth, says GlobalData

The Chinese wealth market remains resilient and continues to grow despite the impact of COVID-19, driving the Chinese mainland affluent population growth. This population, including the mass affluent investors (holding liquid assets of US$50,000–$1m) and High-net-worth (HNW) individuals (holding liquid assets of more than US$1m), is expected to grow by 9.0% to reach 58.2 million in 2021 end, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. … Continue Reading


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