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New Harley-Davidson® Icons Collection Celebrates American Motorcycle Design

April 28, 2021 Motor Cycles No Comments

Harley-Davidson today announced its new Icons  Collection, an annual program offering very limited edition motorcycle models designed to  elevate traditional forms and celebrate Americana, either by revisiting classic Harley-Davidson  design themes or by exploring ideas that represent the future of motorcycle style. … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Spend Spring Break 2021 in LA

April 6, 2021 Motor Cycles No Comments

5 Ways to Spend Spring Break 2021 in LA  = A Bikes and Hikes LA Original! … Continue Reading

Destination: Grand Canyon National Park, Tusayan

March 27, 2021 Motor Cycles No Comments

A magnificent natural wonder, the Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and over a mile deep in some sections. … Continue Reading

Destination: Tombstone, Cochise County

March 27, 2021 Motor Cycles No Comments

Southern Arizona is less popular among visitors than the grandiose North, but there is one fundamental gem of the Wild West here that might just entice you to come for a visit: Tombstone. … Continue Reading

Destination: Monument Valley, Kayenta

March 27, 2021 Motor Cycles No Comments

Heading North towards the border of Utah on Route 163, you’ll ride straight through Monument Valley, an iconic Western landscape of towering red rock spires and buttes. … Continue Reading

Destination: Antelope Canyon, Page

March 26, 2021 Motor Cycles No Comments

Located east of Page, Antelope Canyon is a narrow slot canyon that was formed by the continuous erosion of water through sandstone rock. … Continue Reading

Destination: Horseshoe Bend, Page

March 26, 2021 Motor Cycles No Comments

One of the most photographed landmarks in America, Horseshoe Bend is located right off of Route 89 south of Page. Horseshoe Bend, as the name suggests, is a horseshoe-shaped bend in the mighty Colorado River. … Continue Reading

Bike Shop LA Hosts Grand Opening In New Location Featuring A Monarch Café And Butterfly Sanctuary

March 8, 2021 Motor Cycles No Comments

BIKE SHOP LA is celebrating their new home in the heart of LA, converting its high-profile space into the epicentre of West Hollywood’s effort to save the Monarch Butterfly. … Continue Reading

Explore Endless Horizons: Harley-Davidson Opens The Throttle To Off-Road Adventures

February 25, 2021 Motor Cycles No Comments

Exploring the world from a motorcycle engages the senses as the landscapes, sights and sounds create a deep, visceral adventure. … Continue Reading


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