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Personal Travel Manager Enlists Local MP in Campaign for Industry Support

The announcement of a date for the opening of a trans-Tasman travel bubble has sparked hope among many that a recovery for the Australian travel industry may be, if not exactly on the horizon, at least somewhere not too far beyond it. … Continue Reading

TravelMangers Australia Personal Travel Managers tell their story – one of great success.

John Alwyn-Jones here again and as I said in the first and second articles in this series of really interesting articles and videos about Australia’s leading home based travel agent company, … Continue Reading

Personal Travel Manager Overcomes Lockdown Constraints to Secure Cruise Group

When TravelManagers’ Tanya Patterson was invited to deliver a cruise presentation at a local retirement village’s coffee and cake morning, she was delighted by the reception she received. … Continue Reading

Personal Travel Manager Turns to Telling Travel Tales

In October 2019, TravelManagers’ Maria Pandalai visited Papua New Guinea on a nine-day famil with Intrepid Travel. … Continue Reading

Travel Counsellors Australia partners with Express Travel Group to provide continuity for business owners

Travel Counsellors Australia franchisees will migrate to Express Travel Group (ETG) in early 2021 as part of a combined commitment from both networks to support business owners beyond the departure of Travel Counsellors from this market. … Continue Reading

Personal Travel Manager’s Earlybird Clients Signal Positive Future for Travel

With 35 years’ experience in the travel industry under her belt, personal travel manager (PTM) Robbie Barrett has a client base of avid travellers who are eagerly awaiting the time when they can revive holiday plans that have been on ice for much of 2020. … Continue Reading

Domestic Travel Helps Personal Travel Manager Rediscover Her Mojo

Alongside her fellow personal travel managers (PTMs), TravelManagers’ Kerrin Poupos worked tirelessly through the first half of this year to bring clients home, cancel or postpone future bookings and generally redress the chaos created by COVID. … Continue Reading

Travel Counsellors takes global conference to the virtual stage

Following the highly successful Australian conference held virtually in July, this annual event, which saw almost 2000 Travel Counsellor business owners and colleagues tune in from multiple countries, marked the first time in the company’s history that the global conference was solely streamed live. … Continue Reading

Personal Travel Manager Steps in when COVID Stops Play on Golfing Holiday

Fresh border closures resulting from the latest upsurge in COVID cases in South Australia once again left holiday makers scrambling to cancel or change their travel plans. … Continue Reading

Southern Lights Inspire Personal Travel Manager’s Business Recovery to Take Flight

Personalised service that’s tailored to each client’s individual needs: according to TravelManagers Australia, this is one of the hallmarks of their personal travel managers (PTM). … Continue Reading


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