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Family holiday: Active relaxation at the Bio Family Hotel on the Baltic Sea

June 19, 2021 Hotel Feature No Comments

Wide fields, tree-lined avenues, chic Baltic Sea resorts, and architecturally charming Hanseatic cities: holidays in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are varied and in high demand. … Continue Reading

Green Pearls® Hotels in Italy reopen – Offers and News

June 5, 2021 Hotel Feature No Comments

Travel during the pandemic becomes possible once again thanks to vaccinations and expanded testing possibilities. In Italy, too, the first Green Pearls® Hotels are allowed to reopen.  … Continue Reading

New Green Pearl in South Tyrol: ADLER Lodge RITTEN

May 29, 2021 Hotel Feature No Comments

The small village of Ritten overlooks the famous cultural city of Bolzano. Surrounded by dense forest, the timber cabins of the sustainable ADLER Lodge RITTEN stand in a picturesque clearing. The total of 22 suites and 20 chalets were opened in 2019 and also offer space for families. … Continue Reading

Green Pearls® Hotels in Tyrol reopen – Offers for the summer

May 29, 2021 Hotel Feature No Comments

The pandemic has been dominating the lives of people all over the world for more than a year now. The crisis has also posed great challenges for the Green Pearls® partner hotels. … Continue Reading

Schlosshotel Blankenburg: New green pearl in the Harz Mountains

May 22, 2021 Hotel Feature No Comments

Historical charm and modern luxury are the characteristics of the sustainable Schlosshotel Blankenburg in the Harz Mountains. … Continue Reading

Ecotourism and Mindfulness: Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal

In our newsletter series on ecotourism and mindfulness, we write about Green Pearls® hotels that combine these two future trends in unique and special ways. … Continue Reading

HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio Allgäu: Opening of the new SPA complex

The HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio Allgäu in Balderschwang is expected to open its doors under a new name on May 7th after a long construction phase. The highlight of the new building is the infinity pool on the second floor of the impressive SPA complex. … Continue Reading

A sanctuary of strength and retreat – the OCÉANO Health Spa Hotel on Tenerife

April 17, 2021 Hotel Feature No Comments

In our turbulent and uncertain times, it is important to do something good for ourselves every now and then. … Continue Reading

Mindfulness in the Mountains

April 10, 2021 Hotel Feature No Comments

In our ecotourism and mindfulness newsletter series, we write about Green Pearls® Hotels which combine these two future trends in a very special way. … Continue Reading

The Road to Reopening Hotel Doors in Laos

April 6, 2021 Hotel Feature No Comments

The travel trade and social media, both in Asia and globally, abound with hype about re-opening the tourism and hospitality industry in the Covid era. It’s interesting to read articles written by my professional colleagues, who try breaking down all the information floating around. This wealth of interpretations has created a maze, where one can easily get lost. … Continue Reading


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