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Whale watching season helps First Nations communities in South Australia

The Head of Bight Visitors Centre is welcoming the whales and tourists back for a season it hopes will help in its mission to support First Nations communities on the Nullarbor. … Continue Reading

Lapping Luang Namtha

Where are you taking me this time?” I asked Somsavath at Luang Namtha’s airport. The year…2012.

I’ve toured with Somsavath, who runs Phou Iu Travel, several times. He is forever digging deeper into the mountains of Laos’ northwestern-most province, and his itineraries make “off the beaten track” look like Main Street. … Continue Reading

No domestic flights from 11pm to 4am to prevent COVID-19 spread

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) is calling for the suspension of all domestic flights between 10pm and 4am in order to tackle the new wave of Covid-19. … Continue Reading

Government Will Not Impose Nationwide Lockdown

The national committee on communicable diseases has agreed that the government can overcome the current Covid-19 crisis without needing to impose a nationwide lockdown. … Continue Reading

Will Thailand’s plan for quarantine-free tourism set a global trend?

As part of plans to stimulate a rebound in tourism, some countries have moved to waive compulsory quarantine for international travellers who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. … Continue Reading

Mount Everest is Open…Now What?

The spring climbing season is here, Mount Everest is open and the pandemic looms. Climbers, expedition guides and many others are eager to return to the Himalayan range but without a clear and reliable coronavirus outlook no uniform approach is coming soon. … Continue Reading

Long Line Helicopter Rescue 

The Mount Everest spring climbing season is looming and experts, like Alan Arnette, are predicting record crowds – made up from a mix of mountaineering skill levels – despite the pandemic. … Continue Reading

Blizzard Survival Tips

February 13, 2021 Destination Feature No Comments

It’s easy to plan for a blizzard when you’re at home, but not so simple when you’re traveling. … Continue Reading

Islamabad Tourism Festival 05 – 07 March, 2021 Adventure Pakistan – Beyond The Mountains

A very well organized, first of its kind Seminar was held on 04 February to announce the launching of the first Annual Islamabad Tourism Festival from Friday 05 – Sunday 07 March, 2021 at the F9 Park Cricket Ground and Shalimar Cricket Ground F6-3, Islamabad. … Continue Reading

Trend: Ecotourism and Mindfulness

February 6, 2021 Destination Feature No Comments

The last few months have shown us how important our health is. For a functioning and resistant immune system, the human body not only needs to be fuelled by a healthy diet with the right nutrients but also requires exercise, fresh air, and good quality sleep for proper recovery of our internal systems. … Continue Reading


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