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Powerful volcanic blast not the cause for 2018 Indonesian island collapse – new research

January 17, 2022 ASEAN News No Comments

The dramatic collapse of Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano in December 2018 resulted from long-term destabilising processes, and was not triggered by any distinct changes in the magmatic system that could have been detected by current monitoring techniques, new research has found. … Continue Reading

The Ambitious Forest City Project Celebrates its 6th Anniversary

January 14, 2022 ASEAN News No Comments

Malaysian FlagThe property development group Country Garden is delighted to celebrate Forest City’s sixth anniversary this year. Forest City is a city-level sustainable development project covering an area of approximately 30 square kilometres nearby Iskandar, Malaysia. … Continue Reading

Myanmar Government Looks to Early Resumption of Development & Infrastructure Projects with China, Its Close Neighbour and Main Trading Partner

December 24, 2021 ASEAN News No Comments

brown and white concrete building near green trees during daytimeThe Myanmar Government looks forward to re-start development projects and accelerating bilateral economic and technical cooperation with the People’s Republic of China (PRC), it’s the largest trading following disruptions caused by the pandemic and recent social unrest. … Continue Reading

6 Sustainable Destinations in the Philippines for Tropical Travel

December 22, 2021 ASEAN News No Comments

aerial photo of body of water between mountainsSurrounding yourself in nature holds many wellness benefits, from reducing stress to enhancing the immune system. In the Philippines, it is possible to experience this feeling of well-being while travelling to fun and nature-friendly destinations. … Continue Reading

JONETZ by DON DON DONKI Launched at Tropicana Gardens Mall

December 14, 2021 ASEAN News No Comments

JONETZ by DON DON DONKI at Tropicana Gardens MallPan Pacific Retail Management (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd with headquarters located in Malaysia, led by President Satoshi Machida, launches JONETZ by DON DON DONKI at Tropicana Gardens Mall. DON DON DONKI is also expanding multiple stores in the Pan Pacific area, in countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong with the concept of Japan brand specialty store. … Continue Reading

Homegrown startup releases one-stop active mobility platform Ridenjoy

December 14, 2021 ASEAN News No Comments
Frustrated by the lack of a navigation app to help him cycle from his Ang Mo Kio home to his office near Funan Mall without using traffic-heavy roads is what inspired Singaporean Kelvin Phang to create Ridenjoy.

… Continue Reading

Bali Closes Once Again, Although No One Was Visiting

December 10, 2021 ASEAN News, Headline News No Comments

Before the pandemic travel ban, there were so many tourists in Bali that it was impossible to get around the island without going through gridlock. 6.3 million tourists visited Bali in 2019, but just 43 in the first nine months of 2021. … Continue Reading

Myanmar Government Prioritizes Economic Recovery as Pandemic Infections Decline Amid Return of National Stability Ahead of Preparations for Multi-Party National Elections

December 9, 2021 ASEAN News No Comments

The Myanmar Government said today that it has largely restored national stability after recent civil unrest and is now focused on increasing vaccination rates to reduce COVID-19 infections and attracting local and foreign investments to jump-start economic growth and job creation. … Continue Reading

President Jokowi highlights priority issues for G20 Indonesia 2022

December 6, 2021 ASEAN News No Comments

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) says the Indonesia G20 Presidency will focus on three priority issues, namely: inclusive health management, digital-based transformation, and the transition toward sustainable energy. … Continue Reading

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