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Baby boomers are ready to travel

November 5, 2020 Statistics & Trends No Comments

Reaching out with some new research, from Associate Professor at The University of Queensland Business School Gabby Walters that I thought could be of interest?

Gabby has conducted research into how COVID is affecting travel behaviours across generations. The study of over 680 participants has surprisingly revealed that the older generations are feeling less worried and anxious about travelling during COVID than the younger generations.

More so than the younger generations, Baby Boomers and Seniors hold the view that COVID isn’t going anywhere, and we’ll need to find ways to live with it.

Key research findings include:

  • Only 2% of Seniors have no intention of traveling at all in the near future
  • 75% of baby boomers and 70% of seniors will only book with providers who will offer full refunds on cancellation
  • Baby boomers and seniors are more interested in visiting coastal and regional destinations, as opposed to cities and urban areas
  • Seniors and Baby Boomers were asked to rank Australia’s states and territories in terms of safety and the results were as follows:
    • Queensland, (37%)
    • Northern Territory (21%)
    • Tasmania and Western Australia (both 11%)
    • South Australia (8%)
    • ACT and Victoria (both 5%)

Would you be interested in a feature with Gabby, discussing the findings of this new research? If it’s of interest, we could also source a Baby Boomer and Gen Y case study who could talk to their thoughts on travel during COVID.

Gabby is a crisis management and tourism expert who could provide brilliant insights into what tourism operators should be doing to work around these trends.

Look forward to your thoughts. As always, happy to massage this to suit.

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