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Australia’s Vaccine Safety Watchdog puts the Government and Health Minister on Notice

June 21, 2021 Coronavirus (Covid-19) 2 Comments

The Australian Vaccination-risks Network, Inc. (AVN), a not-for-profit health-professional and consumer-run organisation operating since 1994, has put the Australian Government and Minister Greg Hunt on notice that if they continue to push untested and unsafe COVID injections on the Australian public, they will be held accountable.

We originally contacted Minister Hunt on March 27th with a list of our concerns. Rather than addressing any of the information and questions provided in our letter, the Minister chose to have the Director of the Australian Government Department of Health write us a generic response which showed great disrespect for Australians of all political stripes by attempting to gloss over the experimental nature of the current COVID campaign which has already led to hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of serious adverse reactions.

In a letter to Minister Hunt posted today and available at the following link, AVN President, Meryl Dorey, made 2 demands on behalf of the AVN’s tens of thousands of members and supporters:

1- An immediate end to the COVID vaccination campaign until such time as these ‘warp-speed’ injections have been scientifically tested for safety, efficacy and their ability to stop viral transmission.

2- Independent placebo-controlled clinical trials of these shots, funded by the Government (which has already paid in excess of 3 billion taxpayer dollars to purchase and implement their experimental campaign) and conducted by experts with no financial links to the pharmaceutical industry.

The AVN takes its responsibility to protect the health and health rights of all Australians seriously. We are putting Minister Hunt and the Australian Government on notice. Unless we have a substantive response to our demands within 7 days, we will have no option but to consider a private prosecution against the Minister and an order seeking injunctive relief to stop the current experimental campaign until such time as our demands for proof of safety and efficacy can be met.

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  1. Nigel Benton says:

    Really misleading to describe this group as a ‘watchdog’ – they are a bunch of antivaxers, 5G sceptics, and flatearthers and promoting them as a credible group verges on being irresponsible, particularly for a tourism industry that is going to need mass vaccination to restart.
    ‘Watchdog’ correctly applies to groups like the ACCC, Choice etc who have some credibility.

  2. While everyone has a right to their views, COVID seems to have encouraged even the cookiest to emerge and The Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc., formerly known as the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network (AVsN), and before that known as the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), is one of the cookiest.

    AVN is widely recognised by health professionals as Australia’s most controversial anti-vaccination organisation, having lobbied against a variety of vaccinations, downplaying the danger of childhood diseases such as measles and pertussis and taken up and championed the cause of alleged vaccination victims, and promoted the use of ineffective alternatives such as homeopathy.

    Wikipedia says that the vast majority of doctors agree that opposition to vaccination applies to a fringe medical science viewpoint, with the group described by the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) as a provider of “misleading, inaccurate, and deceptive” vaccination information, and has been heavily criticised by doctors and other experts on immunisation.

    Check out their report here:—decisions/Public-statements-and-warnings/Public-statement—warning-about-the-Australian-Vaccination-skeptics-Network–Inc—AVN—-formerly-known-as-Australian-Vaccination-Network-Inc-

    Wikipedia says the group has been called the “stronghold of the anti-vaccination movement” in Australia and is subject to widespread criticism from medical professionals, scientists and other proponents of vaccination and it has also been criticised for harassing the parents of a victim of vaccine-preventable disease, and for promoting the false idea that shaken baby syndrome is actually vaccine injury.

    On 14 October 2010, the organisation’s right to raise funds was stripped from it by the New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, stating that its appeals had “not been conducted in good faith for charitable purposes”.

    In December 2012, the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading issued an order for the group to change its name within two months or be de-registered, the department describing the group’s name as being “misleading and a detriment to the community” and the group changed its name in February 2014 and In July 2018 the group changed its name to Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. citing that many in their group “did not feel comfortable with having the word ‘skeptics’ in” their name as the reason for the change. The group decided that the word “skeptic” too closely aligned them with Scientific Skepticism organisations such as the Australian Skeptics.

    Please do not take any notice of anything this group says and get vaccinated!

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