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Arirang TV broadcasts Korean Wave travel entertainment program of global creators

November 10, 2020 Lifestyle News No Comments

Celebrities have gotten together! Han Yura (Indonesia), Erna Limdaugh (Indonesia), Hi Prae (Thailand), and Cheri Heri (Vietnam), global creators that are loved on social media for Korean Wave content, are featured on Arirang TV’s entertainment program “K-wave tour” and are expected to show the hottest Korean Wave of 2020.

“K-wave tour” is a new concept Korean Wave tour entertainment program in which overseas celebrities select items by field related to Korean Wave and guide other creators themselves. This trip is highly anticipated because it is a K-wave trip directly chosen by global creators who have introduced the Korean Wave to Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. For each episode, episode 1 will be conducted under the theme of K-quarantine life, episode 2 has the theme of K-drama, and episode 3’s theme is K-POP, and will show the true appearance of the Korean Wave most loved overseas in 2020.

In the first episode, “K-quarantine” we will meet the strong K-citizen consciousness of Strong Korea. The cast participates in the “K-god bucket challenge” and wears a “K-god” made based on a traditional Korean hat that prevents the spread of COVID-19 as they experience a special type of social distancing in Korea.

Then, they experience a special drive-through that can only be found in Korea. They introduce Korea’s unique drive-through culture that emerged in a situation where non-face-to-face services such as “Samgyetang Drive-through” and “Handmade Hamburger Drive-through” increased due to COVID-19. Lastly, they introduce “car-lodging,” which has become a new travel trend thanks to COVID-19. We will present a safe but exciting K-wave tour through the celebrities’ car-lodging at the sunset spot Suncheon Waon Beach.

In the second episode, “K-drama,” they experience Korean dramas that have become very popular overseas. Through a paragliding experience in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, they transform into Son Ye-jin in the drama “Crash Landing On You,” and become a zombie in the drama “Kingdom” while experiencing hanok in Jeonju Hanok Village. Lastly, they travel around Itaewon, Seoul, and enter the background of the drama “Itaewon Class.”

In episode 3, we plan a K-POP trip that overseas K-POP fans most want to do when they come to Korea. I can make myself look similar to my favorite idol? They visit the hair salons of K-wave idols and transform into their favorite idols with the help of experts. The cast, transformed into idols, then visit the office building of SM Entertainment, a mecca of K-POP. Lastly, they meet the widely-loved Secret Number, and take on the challenge of learning K-wave idol dances that are highly praised overseas.

This program was planned by the Korean Culture and Information Service and Arirang TV, and was produced to raise local awareness and revitalize the local economy stagnated by COVID-19 by introducing Korean Wave travel destinations that have not been noticed abroad.

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