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Affordable Kyushu-style Japanese ‘Omakase’ Restaurant ‘Sushi Hakucho’ Opens in Tsim Sha Tsui

November 19, 2020 Dining No Comments

Kyushu-style ‘omakase’ restaurant Sushi Hakucho has opened in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui in Minden Avenue, presenting an exquisite yet affordable gourmet experience as a new member of Bird Kingdom Group.

The cosy ‘chef’s choice’ hideaway presents finest freshest sushi in its seasonal glory from Japan’s southernmost island of Kyushu, artfully hand-crafted by veteran sushi master Harada Makoto.

 Surrounded by the sea, Kyushu is famed throughout Japan and beyond for the presence of wild dolphins testifying to the success of its strict environmental protection for unpolluted waters – from where Sushi Hakucho exclusively sources pristine seafood at its seasonal finest.

In accordance with ‘omakase’ tradition, tasting menus are entirely dependent on ‘chef’s choice’ of seasonal ingredients.  Two exquisitely presented omakase lunch menus, priced HK$480 and HK$680, and three omakase dinner menus showcase traditional knifing and preparation skills from the chef’s 30 years’ experience.

Daily dinner menus Shippo (HK$1,580), Irodori (HK$1,280) and Nagomi (HK$980) feature 7 or 8 courses including appetiser, sashimi specialties, stewed or grilled dishes of seasonal produce, sushi, miso soup with Amakusa shortneck clam (Asari) and fresh fruit dessert.

Chef Harada is especially renowned for inventing and crafting his own sushis, in unique styles and recipes found nowhere else.  Among his signature specialties, Ika and Quail Egg Yolk Sushi showcases fresh sweet squid topped with unctuous quail egg yolk, and Ika and Urchin Sushi pairs the squid’s sweetness with the sea-flavour umami of mashed sea urchin.

Snakehead Fish Sushi features a prized seasonal eel higher in fat and with stronger flavour than is usually encountered, while Pickled Mackerel Sushi is prized gold award-winning Tsushima mackerel from Kamamoto Prefecture, pickled by an ancient artisan food preservation method.

Bafun Uni is harvested from great depths at this time of year, rich in umami with bolder, slightly bitter notes than familiar urchin, while Uchiwa Ebi (Fan Prawn)Noble Scallop and Ise Ebi (Spiny Lobster) are from the chef’s home port of Amakusa.

Current early autumn ‘omakase’ highlights are headlined by fish specialties of “Autumn Sword Fish” Sanma from Hokkaido, the undisputed king of Japan’s seasonal fish with fresh ocean flavour and succulent texture.  Precious and delicate Akou, a grouper named after its rose colour, is a rarity difficult to catch from its habitat in deep rocks, prized for its firm gelatinous flesh.

Also on the menu, Kyushu’s Red Wagyu (Kumamoto A5 Wagyu) is famed as the only free-grazing cattle in Japan, richest in healthy monounsaturated fat for intense sweetness on caramelisation and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth juiciness.

Headlining other exclusive produce at Sushi Hakucho, Kyushu’s native “Hinohikari” rice is more mellow and less sticky in texture than others, and seaweed is from his wife’s family business, one of Japan’s leading producers.

Enhancing the ‘omakase’ experience are sakes Chef Harada personally selects from Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute, a renowned brewery launched by Naohiko Noguchi, one of the most famous Tojis (Master Brewers) in Japan, widely known as “The God of Sake Brewing”; including MiyamanishikiGohyakumangokuAiyamaJunmaiHonjozo and Junmai Daiginjo.

Sushi Hakucho is named after the Japanese word for white bird or swan, as well as traditional white cooking pots which are revered in Japanese art culture.  One such antique, with a faded painting of sushi dating back to 1890, is showcased at the restaurant as a symbolic emblem of authentic sushi culture.

Bird Kingdom Group Founder and CEO Mr Eric Ting said: “Sushi Hakucho is introducing a unique new ‘omakase’ experience to Hong Kong, focused exclusively on seafood and produce from the pristine waters and land of Kyushu, Japan’s purest environmental-friendly region, crafted by one of the island’s most seasoned sushi masters.  For true aficionados of Japanese cuisine, this is an exceptional new haven to try and we welcome this exciting new sister brand restaurant to Bird Kingdom Group.”

Seating just 30 in a cosy 800 sq. ft. space, Sushi Hakucho is designed in quintessentially Japanese minimalist style.  Pale wood furnishing and fixtures emanate a sense of calm and tranquillity, and a u-shaped open bar seats 14 for guests to interact with the chef.

Sushi Hakucho is located at G13, Harbour Pinnacle, 8 Minden Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong – next door to sister Bird Kingdom Group restaurant KIDO, a traditional Fukuoka-style ‘hakata-ku’ skewer bar with convivial, communal ‘kaunta seki’ counter seating typical of ‘yakitori’ chicken skewer cafes in Japan.

For enquiries, please email or call (852) 2109-1155.

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