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Accommodations with unique architecture in Norway

October 30, 2020 Visit Europe No Comments

Norway has the last few years seen a growth in fascinating architecture and design. This has also happened with accommodation all over the country, where you now can sleep, eat, find exciting culture, history and participate in exciting adventures – or simply get away from it all and relax and contemplate, or practice the Norwegian concept of friluftsliv.

Here you will find a list of some of the most recent additions.


The latest addition to unique accommodations in Norway is Flokehyttene – Floke cabins. Located all the way out by the ocean at Sveio, just north of Haugesund, these cabins are built into the landscape with fantastic views to the North Sea.
Each cabin is 18 square metres, each with room for five people, including kitchen, living room, fireplace and toilet. One of the cabins are constructed for wheelchar users and accommodate ten people.
Flokehyttene are the perfect place to watch sunset and winter storms through panoramic windows.

Nestled in nature, Woodnest offers two luxurious treetop houses, each with bedroom, living room, kitchenette, bathroom and heated floors for the winter.
The treehouses are located in the woods overlooking the Hardangerfjord, in a beautiful town called Odda. They offer panoramic views over the fjord and snowcapped mountains, where you can relax, watch the sunset, put up your feet and rest in the nest.

Close to the world-renowned Pulpit Rock (Preikstolen), located at 604 metres above sea level, you will find the Bolder, with a fantastic view over the Lysefjord.
The two sky lodges are both 22 square metres and offre everything you need of comfort, including two double bedrooms, design kitchen, bath and dining room with view over the fjord. Both lodges are built on columns to minimize footprints in the landscape.

Make a trip to the north and experience a little “hotel” all the way out by the ocean. The Arctic Hideaway is situated at Fleinvær, a group of small islands, near the town of Bodø.
The ten rooms are constructed to give inspiration and peace of mind in a wild and beautiful nature, and can accommodate up to ten people. The whole complex consist of four sleeping units, a bathhouse, sauna house, kitchen house, a studio house/lounge and a sky/sea observatory.

Spend the night 11 metres above ground in a treetop lodge, with spectacular views of the Hardangerfjord.

The lodge located in Ulvik is built on pillars and offer a living room with panoramic windows, three bedrooms sleeping six people, bathroom, kitchen and is insulated for the cold winter months.
Ulvik is the perfect place for hiking, activities in the fjord and the hosts can deliver local food from the area and you can visit many of the local farms offering local cider.

On June 12 this year, Tungestølen Turisthytte (tourist cabin) near Luster in Sognefjord, opened its doors. Tungestølen is designed by Snøhetta, and is an architectural reaction to the changing weather conditions in the region. The cabins offer comfortable and exciting accommodation throughout the summer and autumn.
Tungestølen is located on a hill by the foot of the Skyttarpiggen mountain and offers a majestic view over the Langedalen valley with a massive glacier at the end.

Laagen is situated only an hours’ drive from Oslo, in Lågendalen valley and consists of five glass cabins, a treetop cabin and a meeting room with gigantic window surface.
All the cabins have panorama views towards forest and the Numedalslågen river and is the perfect place for relaxation and enjoy a good meal with friends or loved one. The area offers great possibilities for biking, fishing, hiking in the woods or a trip to the climbing park Høyt & Lavt (High & Low).

Why not pamper yourself with a night or two of glamping by the fjord in a magic glass igloo? Trones Eye is situated by the water at Trones in the county of Trøndelag and offers a glass dome with luxurious beds, heating and everything else you need for a comfortable night in the middle of untouched nature and history.
Trones Eye is surrounded by an ancient burial ground, obelisks and other exciting cultural artifacts.

Are you looking for a romantic night where you can relax and gather strenght? Birdbox Fauske is the right place for you.
From your birdbox you can enjoy fantastic view over the Førdefjord and the mountain range Bleiga, listen to birdsong, the sound of the river and the whisper of the forest. Here you can also swim in the fjord, hike in the mountain or just relax with your favorite book or just meditate.

PAN Treetrop cabins are situated at Finnskogen forest in Solør, in nature full of animals and rich in history. This is the place for nature lovers of all ages. PAN offers two cabins with room for six people where you can experience the unique nature, either by just relaxing or participate in activities such as forest yoga, animal safaris, hiking, fishing climbing and last but not least try out local food.

Above the Arctic Circle, on an island and an old trading post, you will find Manshausen. Manshausen is a complex consisting of 14 buildings including seven sea cabins with unique views offering quietness and made for all kinds of adventures.
In addition Manshausen offers a restaurant, library, sauna and jacuzzi. The complex is owned by polar explorer Børge Ousland and is the starting point for activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, biking, hiking and climbing, and of course Northern Lights watching in winter.

Travel might be complicated right now, but use inspiration from Visit Norway to plan ahead for your next adventures.

Norway is the place to experience the magical northern lights and the midnight sun above the Arctic Circle; visit the world-famous fjords surrounded by spectacular mountains and glaciers; and in the midst of stunning scenery, enjoy gourmet food and culture in the cities of Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen and Tromsø.

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