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A Royal Promise from Royal Caribbean for Singapore

November 6, 2020 Cruise News No Comments

With more and more cruise companies in increasing locations around the world announcing thank goodness that they are setting sail once again and also to reassure guests their COVIS-D-19 safe protocol for their ships, Royal Caribbean on its Singapore site has released more details of its impressive COVID-19 protocols and how it intends protecting guests onboard its ships

They say a lot has changed, but some things are still the same, with guests’ health and safety remaining their top priority, having partnered with top medical minds and the Singapore Government to design their plan.

Royal Caribbean reports a number of changes, including that is has strengthened its onboard medical centres to make them even better prepared and developed comprehensive prevention protocols for every part of the ship and designing industry-leading response plans with the hope that they never have to use them.

Every guest and crew member will be required to test negative for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 coronavirus) prior to boarding and Royal Caribbean will cover the cost of the test for sailings departing on or before 30 January 2021.

They will also continue monitoring everyone’s health onboard with daily temperature checks, rapid testing capabilities, and complimentary in-stateroom medical evaluations whenever needed.

Royal Caribbean has also provided a range of Q&A links for guests as follows and through this article: –

What happens to my paid cruise fare if I test positive for SARS-CoV-2 before the cruise and cannot join?

Will I have to take a SARS-CoV-2 test before I cruise?

Besides a positive testing result, are there any other reasons I or my travelling party would not be able to board the ship?

What health screening measures are being taken at the terminal on boarding day?

They also said that, with nothing like the fresh air of the open ocean, onboard Royal Caribbean ships, their HVAC system continuously supplies 100% fresh, filtered air from outdoors to all indoor spaces, with the transmission of aerosol particles between spaces (like those from a cough) is extremely low to virtually impossible — as validated in an independent assessment conducted by the University of Nebraska Medical Centre onboard a Royal Caribbean ship.

How is air circulated and filtered onboard?

Is the air safe onboard a cruise ship?

Is the air on a ship “recycled”?

Is the air in an inside room safe?

Royal Caribbean, says with guidance from their Healthy Sail Panel, they’re going further than ever before in cleaning and sanitization, with new sanitization protocols rivalling those at the best hospitals, using disinfectants and techniques approved by the local authorities, like electrostatic fogging to clean frequently and consistently, plus they have reduced the need to touch surfaces wherever possible.

What are your health and sanitization standards on the ship?

How are public areas cleaned onboard?

What are the safety and sanitization protocols in kids’ and teens’ areas and programs?

Will there be hand sanitizer provided in the stateroom and around the ship?

To achieve physical distancing Royal Caribbean says their ships will sail with fewer guests onboard, with no more than 50% of usual capacity, giving guests more distance from others, with around the ship friendly reminders wherever face masks or extra spacing are required and crew outfitted with personal protective gear and reduced the need for contact in all possible interactions.

How full will the ship be? Will there be fewer guests onboard than usual, to promote physical distancing?

Will I have to wear a face mask on my cruise, and if so, exactly when, where and why?

Where and when will physical distancing be required onboard?

Royal Caribbean added that they have made their high-quality onboard medical care stronger than ever, with more doctors and nurses on each ship and state-of-the-art equipment enhancements and in the event of a suspected case of COVID-19, they are fully prepared with immediate medical evaluations, rapid testing and more critical care beds on each ship.
What are the qualifications and training of your medical staff onboard?

How is the medical centre equipped to handle a possible COVID-19 case?

What is the cost for onboard medical care and testing for COVID-19 related concerns?

In the event a guest or crew member tests positive while sailing. Royal Caribbean has partnered with the local authorities to develop transport protocols to get guests home safely.

If a guest or crew member tests positive onboard, what is your response plan?

If a guest or crew member starts feeling unwell during a voyage, what steps are taken?

How can I be assured all guests, crew and ship will be able to return to the embarkation port if there is a positive COVID-19 case onboard?

Royal Caribbean also, and please remember this is on their Singapore web site, that if guests book by 30 November 2020, cruise fares include the following at no extra cost:-

  • 100% Future Cruise Credit if you or someone in your travel party tests positive within three weeks prior to the cruise
  • 100% Future Cruise Credit if you or someone in your travel party tests positive at the boarding terminal
  • 100% refund for you and your travel party if any of you tests positive during your cruise
  • Royal Caribbean will cover COVID-19-related costs up to $25,000 SGD ($20,000 USD) per person in your travel party, for onboard medical costs, cost of any required quarantine, and travel home.

Plus with their Cruise with Confidence Program: –

  • Easily change any cruise reservation made before 30 November 2020 with our Cruise With Confidence program.
  • Cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your sail date for any reason and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit.
  • OR reschedule your sailing to a later date with no penalty

A report by John Alwyn-Jones

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