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7 Simple Ways To Travel With CBD

February 23, 2021 Lifestyle News No Comments

It’s okay to buy, sell, and use marijuana in the U.S due to the introduction of the farm bill in late 2018. Naturally, you may think that it won’t create any issues when you want to carry this substance along on your trip.

What’s even more confusing is that the stigma on CBD remains even after scientists have confirmed the substance to be medicinal. Many people still associate all CBD products with getting high. However, CBD can’t get anyone high because it does not contain high amounts of THC.

Admittedly, it’s still hard to discern how much THC is present in CBD by sight alone. This fact also applies to airport officials who have received orders to report any CBD they find. If they find out you didn’t buy from an authorized dealer, then you could face a lengthy prison sentence.

If you want to know how to travel with CBD without any problem, you’re in luck. Here are seven simple ways to travel with CBD.

1.  Make sure you get a COA from your dealer

By law, any authorized dealer who sells you CBD should give you a certificate of analysis. A certificate of analysis is a document that shows the accurate concentration of THC in the CBD you purchase. They may have to tell you to wait in a particular room and await confirmation. Even so, this is one of the safest ways to travel with CBD, especially if it’s for a medicinal purpose.

Furthermore, this will save you time at other TSA checkpoints further ahead at the airport. Some unauthorized dealers may try to give you a forged or falsified certificate of analysis. To avoid that, it would help if you carefully check for a credible signature and an accurate THC concentration.

If you’re unsure where to get authorized CBD and CBD products from, Sunday Scaries is a perfect choice, where they sell powerful CBD gummies, edibles, and so on. Everything they sell includes an accurate certificate of analysis that many airports highly respect, keeping you out of avoidable trouble.

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2.   Find out if CBD is legal where you’re going to

It is essential to know how legal CBD is before you decide to carry it to your destinations. Canada, France, Australia, U.S, and the U.K are among the countries that have legalized CBD. On the other side of the coin, states in the U.S like Texas and Florida strictly prohibit the sale, purchase, or consumption of CBD. So, before you get yourself in trouble where you’re going to, make sure you check out if CBD is legal at your destination.

3.  You don’t have to hide it

Fortunately for people who use CBD, the substance falls under the requirements stated by the TSA. Thus, it might not be advisable to hide it underneath your clothes, in a “hidden” compartment in your suitcase, or to keep it on your person. This will only make the airport officials suspect you and detain you for questioning. Even if they eventually clear you, you would have wasted time.

Instead, it would be best if you kept your CBD in a bag and in plain sight where any official can see. Doing this will clear their suspicions early and allow you to pass without any problems.

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4.  Carry a doctor’s prescription

Like the certificate of analysis, a prescription is one of the best documents you can have on you. You can only carry CBD products with you for medicinal or recreational purposes, with medicinal purposes being more credible. Hence, if you’re taking CBD products with you for medicinal purposes, you should be ready to provide the prescription document your doctor gave you.

It will also help if you bring along the medical certification that came with it. These documents would make your passage through checkpoints a lot easier for both you and the officials.

5.  Don’t take along more than what is allowed

The amount of CBD you can carry is limited depending on your geographical location and special needs. Usually, you can only take a maximum of 150g of CBD on any flight within 30 days. The amount you take is recorded, which means that you can take more than 150g, no matter how many times you fly.

If you try to cheat these regulations, you could find yourself on the other side of metal bars. Thus, it is recommended you stay on the safe side and carry no more than what airport officials allow.

6.  Only Carry Along If You Have To

To be on the safe side, you should only carry CBD on a flight if there aren’t any credible CBD vendors where you’re going or if it’s for medicinal purposes. Although countries have legalized it, airport officials are still likely to suspect you if you take it for recreational purposes.

If you can, do some research on where you can get CBD at your destination instead.

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7.  Contact an airport official beforehand.

This tip may be harder to do, but it may help if you contact an airport official before you even get to the airport. You can do this by dialing their helplines attached to the airport’s websites or other information. Tell them how much CBD you want to carry and why you want to carry it along.

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