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5 Reasons to Stay in a Casino When Traveling Abroad

May 25, 2021 Casino / Gaming No Comments

There are a lot of countries developing huge casinos in different regions as a way to bring more tourists in. With a busier tourism environment, it helps the economy, bringing in more finances, recognition, and ultimately, investors.

Because gambling is such a huge industry around the world, it’s very popular in the tourism sector as well, which is a reason casino tourism and casino hotels exist.

Speaking of casino hotels, that might have you wonder, why should you stay in a casino when traveling abroad? Dominic Andreasson, the author here, provides expert data in terms of the casino industry and its impact on tourism and the economy in general! You can view more and learn about the gambling industry with his insights.

1. It’s an Attraction

Casino hotels are an all-around form of accommodation. They don’t only provide amazing rooms and places for fun gambling games, but they also serve a whole smorgasbord of features and amenities. In fact, some hotels are so big that they are a tourist attraction themselves.

When in a casino, you can expect a lot of hip and trendy restos and bars, nightclubs to party the night in, theaters, and luxury shops, along with resort amenities such as swimming pools and water parks. This makes it the perfect place for just about anyone, and not just gamblers, but tourists, families, businessmen, couples, and the like.

No need to head on anywhere else when you’ve got everything you need in a casino. And did you know that there are iconic tourist attractions that have fewer tourists and visitors compared to casinos?

For instance, Australia’s most popular location, which is the Crown Casino Melbourne, welcomes almost 11 million visitors yearly, compared this to the Sydney Opera House, which has brought in a little over 8 million visitors a year!

2. Very Tight Security

We all know casino security is extremely tight, which is why you can expect the entire casino to be secured and protected by many professionals. The reason for the very tight security is to protect its thousands of visitors and clients that come and go daily, prevent crime happening in the casino, and terrorism, among other serious issues.

This is why if you are concerned for your safety, a casino hotel will give you the assurance that you and your belongings will be monitored and secured with your privacy still prioritized. They focus on their security so they will stay in business, as the casino industry is pretty sensitive.

For instance, in Sweden, there are large gambling venues in different areas with many types of games. Furthermore, there are online casinos you can play in (learn here in Casinon utan svensk licens), for added fun. That said, do watch out for their strict gambling laws, which is why security is very strict. They do their best to stop and prevent questionable activities to prevent their license from being revoked.

If one were to act suspiciously or violently, they will be kicked out right away and questioned in private to avoid a scene and not cause panic. Highly-trained security and policemen are around to stop any commotion from happening, and the security cameras are everywhere, so if someone were caught doing stupid things, they will be taken away immediately.

3. Luxurious Accommodation

Many people travel to get away from the stress back home, wanting to unwind somewhere fancy and comfortable. While not all casino hotels have the best rooms, the big and popular ones have luxury accommodation and a host of personalized features.

When you are checked into a good casino hotel, expect 5-star amenities and facilities, with amazing customer service that will cater to all your wants and needs. You’ll feel the vacation every day throughout your stay!

4. Strategically Located

As mentioned above, you don’t need to go so far, as big casinos will have everything you need. But if you love to explore and get out of the room to travel further around the area, casinos give you that option, too.

The top casinos of every country are located strategically and found in the most fabulous areas. You can find most of them located near other popular tourist attractions and breathtaking areas, as they are in the center of busy cities or from beautiful, secluded areas.

You can get a view of the scenic mountains or beaches, or the bustling city with so many buildings and lights. It’s more than just a casino and gambling; it’s about enjoying your time with loved ones with the beauty and all the amenities with adventures nearby.

You may also avail of their free transportation services and shuttles so you can go to and from areas to avoid getting lost. And did I mention it’s free? So if you love sightseeing, casino hotels are a great choice for accommodation.

5. You May Get Free Rooms

Speaking of free, some expensive rooms in casino hotels can provide you a room without paying for anything! Or at least, you don’t have to pay as much as you’d expect.

If you are a VIP player, expect to have rooms reserved in certain hotels, while others will offer great discounts. Some hotels would offer free rooms for those who aren’t on the VIP list, as long as they will gamble.

The main source of income for hotel casinos is the casino itself. They don’t have to sell their rooms for profit, as the actual and major merchandise is the hotel’s gaming floor, where all the action takes place. As long as you gamble using your money, then the hotel and casino make a profit, so the accommodation is the incentive.

If you aren’t eligible for a free room, you can find amazing deals from different booking websites. Or, you can subscribe to the casino hotel’s newsletter, as they offer promos and discounts from time to time.

Wrapping It Up

These are just some of the reasons why casinos are a great form of accommodation. If you’ll travel soon, look into casinos for your next stay and reap the benefits they offer!

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