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TravMedia_Australia_medium-sized_1637859_Media_tile_TSLNoosa’s new destination campaign ‘The Sweet Life’ launches this week, reminding travellers of Noosa’s allure as a sanctuary where the sweet life unfolds so effortlessly.

Tourism Noosa is thrilled to unveil their latest destination campaign, ‘The Sweet Life’ in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Airport. The campaign celebrates the allure of Noosa, strategically leveraging recent flight expansions from New Zealand’s North Island and targeting travellers from New Zealand, New South Wales, Victoria, and Southeast Queensland.

‘The Sweet Life’ campaign transports viewers into a world of tranquil beauty and genuine connections through a captivating 60-second mini-film. Set against Noosa’s iconic landscapes and complemented by a bespoke custom-composed soundtrack, the film aims to evoke the essence of a relaxed, luxurious beach getaway enriched by authentic human experiences.

Brent Chong, Head of Marketing for Tourism Noosa said “Data is showing that the allure of outbound international travel is contributing to a softening in domestic travel, and our Noosa operators are very much feeling the pinch as indicated in our annual membership survey”.

“This campaign is a little different to what we have produced in the past – we didn’t want to sell to people, we wanted to connect with them”.

“We wanted to create something that was visually and sonically beautiful to consume. Our aim is for this TVC to feel less like a typical tourism advertisement and more like a mini film where the viewer may associate, the thoughts of a relaxed, luxurious beach, river and hinterland getaway with the wholesomeness of genuine human connection and togetherness, all set in beautiful Noosa where the sweet life unfolds so effortlessly”.

“With each element carefully curated to resonate with our target audience, we are confident that ‘The Sweet Life’ will inspire travellers to discover and embrace the beauty of our region”.

“The campaign will feature prominently across a variety of platforms including digital out-of-home billboards in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane; Sydney light rail banners, and bus mega side banners in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane”.

“Digital strategy will be maximised through Visit Noosa owned assets of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and biddable media channels, alongside targeted placements on 9 Now for broadcast TV on demand and 9 Travel online. Key content partners such as Urbanlist and Concrete Playground, alongside Webjet, will support the campaign’s conversion efforts, ensuring broad reach and engagement”.

Korace films was contracted to shoot and produce the TVC – a film production company whose work has been recognised at Cannes Lions – the world’s most prestigious advertising awards. Director Mick Soiza says “When Tourism Noosa approached us with their off-season campaign, we were excited to collaborate”.

“Marking a refreshing departure from traditional tourism advertising, The Sweet Life goes beyond the typical destination-centric approach, offering a heartwarming short film where relaxation meets adventure. This aligns perfectly with the future of impactful advertising, capturing the essence of what makes Noosa special—it’s not just about where you are, but who you’re with and the moments you share”.

Tourism Noosa CEO Sharon Raguse said “We are excited to collaborate with some of Noosa’s leading operators to showcase Noosa’s unique charm and accessibility. The campaign has had buy-in from over 30 Noosa businesses offering a range of accommodation, tours, transfers and dining experiences, enticing visitors to discover and enjoy the distinctive sweet life offered in Noosa”.

The ‘Sweet Life’ campaign will unfold over the coming months across out-of-home, broadcast, social media, and digital platforms, inviting travellers to experience firsthand the magic of Noosa.