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Sino Jet Tops Fleet Size Rankings in Asia-Pacific For The Fifth Year2Asian Sky Group recently released its “Asia-Pacific Business Jet Fleet Report YE 2023”, revealing that as of 2023, the region boasts a total of 1,154 business jets. Despite Greater China’s continued dominance in the market, the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong have seen a three-year decline, with a total reduction of 19 jets in 2023, reducing the total to 326 jets.

Remarkably, amidst the general downturn of the Chinese business jet market, Sino Jet has demonstrated significant growth, standing out against the backdrop of a weak market. Data indicates that Sino Jet has secured the top spot in the Chinese business jet market for five consecutive years, being the sole Chinese entity among the top five business jet operators in the Asia-Pacific to achieve fleet expansion. Furthermore, the gap with its rivals is progressively widening, reinforcing its status as the industry’s foremost player.

Sino Jet’s success is inseparable from its distinctive market strategy, exceptional service quality, and precise understanding of industry trends. Safety is the cornerstone of its development, and Sino Jet is the first Chinese company to consistently achieve the highest international business jet safety operating standard, IS-BAO Level III certification, demonstrating leading safety management capabilities. As a national high-tech enterprise, Sino Jet is dedicated to using technological innovation to continuously enhance safety and quality. It has successfully established a digital management system that encompasses the entire aircraft operation process, which not only significantly improves aircraft operational efficiency but also fundamentally ensures the safety and asset value of aircraft throughout their lifecycle.

To address the varied and individualized needs of the business jet market, Sino Jet has consistently pursued its “Accompanying Strategy”, prioritizing the customer and proactively securing operational and maintenance certifications in pivotal global aviation centers. The company has set up offices in key markets such as China, Singapore, and Europe, and has strategically positioned operational bases in over 20 major cities across the globe, forging a comprehensive and efficient global service network. This strategic approach has also provided a powerful catalyst for the company’s global growth in addition to accelerating the speed and scope of service delivery.

Sino Jet Tops Fleet Size Rankings in Asia-Pacific For The Fifth Year

Through over a decade of stable advancement, Sino Jet has achieved sustained fleet expansion through its robust market adaptability, earning the enduring trust of its clients and invigorating the Chinese business jet market. Sino Jet has declared its intention to further boost investments in technology and innovation, aiming to elevate safety standards and service excellence, thereby generating greater long-term value for its clientele. The company will also pursue an active international market expansion, collaborating with global partners to propel progress and development within the business jet industry.