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Paradores, a public hotel chain with a nearly century-long history in Spain, and Civitatis, the leading technological platform for booking Spanish-speaking activities, day trips, guided tours, and excursions worldwide – both in the B2C and B2B channels – have renewed their collaboration agreement by which customers of Paradores can book from the thousands of tours & activities offered by Civitatis in Spain.

One of the highlights of this collaboration is the objective of promoting sustainable tourism in some of the least populated areas of Spain, in an effort to revitalise these areas and encourage their economic and social development.

Spain received 85 million international visitors in 2023, of which 90% were centered in six Spanish regions (Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Catalonia, Valencia, and Madrid), while other noteworthy locations such as those in the north or the provincial capitals of inland Spain were overlooked.

Despite the existence of more adventurous travellers, only a small portion of them choose to visit less populated areas of the Spanish peninsula. In this sense, the collaboration between Civitatis and Paradores has played a fundamental role, as it seeks to promote sustainable and responsible tourism in such destinations, thus contributing to the revitalization of these areas.

The agreement’s renewal is contingent on improvements to the services currently provided, such as streamlining the Civitatis booking process or optimising the product catalogue of tours & activities.

This news comes at a key moment for Spanish tourism, since according to the latest Tourism Barometer prepared by Braintrust, Spain expects to receive almost 91 million international visitors, who will spend approximately 125 billion euros, both a new historical record. 

Alberto Gutiérrez, CEO and founder of Civitatis, highlighted: “For Civitatis, it is a great honour to continue working together with Paradores to offer the best tourist experiences in Spain to their customers. This renewal allows us to continue offering travellers the opportunity to immerse themselves even more in the history, culture, and beauty of this wonderful country thanks to our extensive and selected catalogue of activities and guided tours”.

According to Raquel Sánchez, president of Paradores“The renewal of this agreement with Civitatis helps our customers turn their trip into an experience, delving deeper into the destinations they visit when they stay in our network. For Paradores, it is important to promote collaborations like this, which help boost local economies and complement and enrich our offer while also helping to raise awareness of the cultural, social, and heritage wealth of many territories where we are present”.