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Fiji has been officially selected to host the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)  conference from 5th to 9th August 2025. Securing this event marks a significant milestone in Fiji’s commitment to sustainability and its leadership in the global tourism arena.

The GSTC event, known for its role in promoting sustainable tourism practices worldwide, will provide Fiji  with an opportunity to showcase its dedication to environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and community engagement on the international stage.

Commenting on the selection process, Tourism Fiji Chief Operations Officer, Leigh Howard stated,  “Hosting a GSTC event in Fiji is not only a privilege but also provides a boost to our ongoing efforts in sustainable tourism. The feedback received on our proposal highlights the importance of providing Fiji  and other South Pacific countries with a platform to collaborate and voice their sustainability initiatives  on a global scale.”

The GSTC, known for establishing and managing global sustainable standards, sets the bar for responsible tourism through its GSTC Criteria. These criteria serve as guiding principles for both public policymakers and industry stakeholders, ensuring that tourism development aligns with environmental and social responsibilities.

“Having the GSTC event right here in Fiji is a game-changer for our sustainable tourism journey. It’s like  having the whole world come over for a bowl of kava, sharing their wisdom and experiences,” highlighted

Howard. “This interaction fosters knowledge transfer and capacity building, crucial for implementing  sustainable practices across Fiji’s tourism sector.”

Moreover, the conference is expected to influence policies, promoting stricter sustainability regulations and showcasing Fiji’s own initiatives in sustainable tourism. The economic influx from the event provides immediate benefits as well as attracting future tourists interested in responsible travel, which is more than a growing trend now, leading to sustained economic growth with a focus on eco-friendly investments.

With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and responsible development, Fiji looks forward to welcoming over 500 delegates including but not limited to academics, industry experts, tourism boards, NGOs, tour operators, and hoteliers, from around the world. The delegates would engage in meaningful discussions and initiatives that will shape the future of tourism for generations to come.