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Go RV Rentals LogoIn an era where budget-conscious choices are paramount for travellers, the 2024 RV Rental Price Index, released by Go RV Rentals, emerges as a significant revelation, showcasing the unchanging face of North American RV rental costs. As a leader in providing comprehensive data on recreational vehicle (RV) rental prices, Go RV Rentals continues to enhance the travel experience by maintaining stable prices amidst fluctuating economic conditions.

This year’s index covers 24 metropolitan areas—20 in the United States and four in Canada—and is an invaluable resource for travellers planning their next adventure. The Index indicates that the average cost of renting an RV in the U.S. holds steady at $183 USD per day, while in Canada, the average is slightly higher at $192 per day. These rates signify a consistent budget-friendly option for vacationers seeking the freedom of the open road without the financial strain often associated with travel.

The diversity of the RV types sampled, including popular options like pop-up campers, travel trailers, and luxurious Class A motorhomes, reflects the varying preferences of today’s traveller. Costs range from $89 USD in the U.S. and $92 CAD in Canada for a pop-up camper to $306 USD and $308 CAD for a Class A motorhome, catering to budget travellers and those seeking a more lavish journey.

David Kosofsky, Founder and CEO of Go RV Rentals, expressed satisfaction with the stable pricing trends. “Seeing U.S. daily rates hold steady for another year is encouraging,” he stated. “Moreover, our expansion into the Canadian market with four new locations underlines our commitment to cater to the growing demand for RV travel in North America.”

Beyond simple rental costs, the Index also illuminates the additional expenses that travellers should anticipate, which can increase the total cost by up to 50%. These include insurance, service charges, optional equipment, and sales taxes—essential factors to consider when budgeting for an RV trip.

Go RV Rentals does not just provide data. As the leading portal for the RV rental lifestyle, it offers an array of resources. From industry trends and how-to guides to featured camping destinations, the website is a treasure trove for travellers. Users can effortlessly locate and book an RV and access a wealth of free planning tools to enhance their travel planning process.

With a clear focus on maintaining affordability and enhancing access to travel adventures, Go RV Rentals’ 2024 RV Rental Price Index plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainable tourism and encouraging more people to explore the natural beauty of North America cost-effectively.

This comprehensive and data-driven approach not only assures travellers of value but also solidifies Go RV Rentals’ position as a cornerstone of budget-friendly travel in North America. As the industry evolves, this Index will undoubtedly continue to be a critical resource for both seasoned and novice travellers aiming to explore the continent’s vast landscapes.




Written by: Jason Smith