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KINN, a boutique hospitality brand, has opened its second establishment, KINN Studios, in the heart of the vibrant CBD-fringe area of Keong Saik Road. Committed to creating thoughtfully designed spaces catering to solo adventurers, young travellers, and leisure enthusiasts seeking a balance of affordability and sophistication, the hotel emphasises guest well-being and ensures a memorable experience.

Following the success of KINN Capsule in 2021, KINN’s latest achievement, KINN Studios provides guests with effortless access to prominent attractions, landmarks, and business hubs. Nestled amidst chic restaurants and bars, the hotel stands as a quiet oasis in the hustle and bustle of it all.

“At KINN, our mission transcends offering comfortable, restful, and affordable accommodations. We’re dedicated to crafting tailored experiences that address the needs of discerning travellers in today’s world“, said Chayadi Karim, Founder of KINN.

A Studio Away From Home

Just like its predecessor, KINN Studios echoes the same principles that have defined KINN Capsule’s success—prioritising peacefulness and guest safety as the foremost concern while delivering a quality stay.

A place to refresh your mind, body and soul, KINN Studios places a significant focus on holistic wellness. Setting itself apart from KINN Capsule, it provides an all-room experience in a four-story building. Upon entering, guests are enveloped in a meticulously curated ambience with calming earthy pastels and a unique interior scent, creating a serene space for relaxation and emotional well-being during their stay.

This sense of quiescent is carried through to each room type, catering to a different experience:

1. Cosy Rooms provides an idyllic retreat amidst the vibrant city streets. and are perfect for those who enjoy natural light and vibrant streets.

2. Ground Rooms, which are also wheelchair friendly, provide easy access to the communal dining area and lounge.

3. Those who prefer to be cocooned in their own world with an extra layer of privacy can opt for the Hideaway Rooms, which are neatly tucked away on the topmost floor.

KINN Studios’ Hideaway Room, an attic-style room on the top floor of the hotel

Crafting a Tapestry of Meaningful Partnerships

Collaborations with local businesses are woven into the key fabric of the KINN brand: mirroring the approach taken by KINN Capsule, KINN Studios heavily embraces and supports Singapore’s creative scene through tie-ups to benefit businesses and provide guests with a glimpse of the local arts and culture landscape.

Gracing its interior for the official launch, Qinyi, a lettering and typography artist, will have her latest paintings placed in the lounge to add an extra dimension of tranquillity and beauty to KINN Studios. Seasonally, KINN Studios refreshes the display of different art pieces across the hotel’s lounge and selected rooms.

KINN Studios is also collaborating with Three Buttons to create a limited edition KINN shirt that reflects the hotel’s clean colour palette, adorned with a subtle KINN logo across its pocket. In addition, the hotel will be rolling out exclusive merchandise such as eye masks and self-care journals for guests.

Embarking on the Journey to Better Health & Mental Well-Being

Unlike KINN Capsule and its focus on building connections among guests, KINN Studios’ spotlight shines on mental health. Its strong emphasis on holistic wellbeing sets it apart from other hotels, including its mindfully crafted environment that encourages guests to unwind and find moments of respite.

Aligned with their purpose of continuously forging meaningful partnerships, the brand is working together with Safe Space™, an online/offline mental health counselling service provider in Singapore, to furnish its guests with access to therapy sessions to help counter any travel anxieties and worries.

Within their rooms, guests will also get to use and keep a specially designed KINN Pocket Serenity wellness booklet featuring bite-sized words of affirmation and personal journaling prompts, provided by the therapists from Safe Space™’, to keep their mind at ease both during and after their stay. Guests can scan the QR code inside to avail themselves of a 10% discount on counselling sessions with Safe Space™ standard therapists and 100% off therapists-in-training, valid until September 30, 2024.

KINN’s Upcoming Plans

Complementing KINN Capsule, KINN Studios introduces a nuanced approach centring on heightened privacy and mental well-being through a carefully crafted guest programme promoting emotional and mental fulfilment.

Chayadi Karim expressed enthusiasm for the unfolding chapter in the brand’s narrative. He emphasised that KINN Studios marks the commencement of a strategic expansion for the brand, symbolising the inception of numerous exciting ventures on the horizon.