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How’s things? As the winter season draws near and snow-capped landscapes transform into a playground for thrill-seekers, the timeless allure of dog sledding offers a unique way to discover the season’s wonders. I’ve compiled a list of five companies your readers at Global Travel Media might be interested in if they’re considering embarking on a dog sledding adventure this winter. I’d love to connect you with any or all of these companies and can provide more information if needed. Our client is Adventures in Good Company.
  • Unforgettable Dog Sledding and Winter Fun Adventure in Tofte, MN: Immerse yourself in the thrill of mushing a team of sled dogs through pristine winter wilderness with our client Adventures in Good Company. This journey offers ladies a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, promising a rejuvenating escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. From cross-country skiing to snowshoeing, indulge in a variety of activities amidst the stunning beauty of Lake Superior.
  • Earth Song Lodge: Journey along the historic Stampede Mining Trail, venturing 20 miles further west into the Denali Wilderness to stay at a cozy heated tent camp near the Toklat River. Enjoy breathtaking views of Mt. McKinley and the opportunity to explore an area abundant with wildlife, particularly wolves, with Earthsong Lodge.
  • The Wintergreen Classics: Beginner Dogsled Camping Trips offer a 5-night adventure with comprehensive training, guided wilderness travel, and winter camping with WintergreenDog Sled Lodge. Participants will receive hands-on instruction in various winter skills, including dogsledding, back-country skiing, and snowshoeing, before embarking on a 4-day dogsled trek. With no prior experience required, participants can enjoy a range of activities, including campfire chats and sleeping under the stars with cozy Antarctic sleeping systems. Suitable for individuals in good fitness and families with kids 8 and older.
  • Canadian Wilderness Escapades: Venture into the heart of the Canadian wilderness with Muktuk Adventures and embark on an unforgettable dog sledding journey through the snow-covered forests and frozen lakes. Engage in authentic and immersive experiences led by seasoned mushers, offering a unique perspective of Canada’s natural beauty.
  • Multi-Day Husky Safaris with Artic Dog Adventure Co.: Alaska is famed for its wildly romantic landscapes and epic aurora borealis. Picture giant mountains, endless valleys, powerful frozen rivers, sparkling meadows of snow, enchanting forests of birch and spruce – and you and your team of huskies at Artic Dog Adventure Co travelling through it all!
If you’re considering a round-up of the best dog sledding companies around, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to assist with this story.