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Hoochenanny FestivalIn the heart of New York, an event that seamlessly blends the sophisticated allure of craft whiskey with the rhythmic cadence of iconic music is set to take centre stage. The Hoochenanny Festival, esteemed for its intricate balance of education, luxury, and exposure, promises attendees a voyage through the rich tapestry of New York’s whiskey heritage.

Hoochenanny’s Rickhouse Rendezvous

Hoochenanny’s Rickhouse Rendezvous.

The educational crux of the festival christened the “Rickhouse Rendezvous,” aspires to enlighten enthusiasts about the nuances of the craft spirits industry. This immersive journey will provide attendees with a profound understanding of New York’s illustrious whiskey lineage. Augmenting this experience, an eclectic musical cavalcade will electrify the festival’s ambience. The Struts, British rock maestros, will headline, while other luminaries like Dennis Casey and 70s legend Andy Kim promise electrifying performances. For a more comprehensive glimpse into the festival’s musical delights, peruse the schedule on www.hoochenanny.com.

Tommy Brunett, the visionary co-founder of Iron Smoke, articulates the festival’s ethos eloquently: “Just as distillers passionately craft their stellar whiskeys, our musical lineup embodies a similar fervor, promising to set the stage ablaze.”

Diving deeper into the Rickhouse Rendezvous, over 13 eminent New York whiskey distilleries, backed by regional partners and the New York State Distillers Guild, will showcase their distilled masterpieces. Brands that have become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, such as Iron Smoke Distillery and Great Jones Distilling, will be at the forefront of this tasting experience. To elevate the whiskey exploration, attendees will be equipped with a tasting passport, guiding them through a curated selection of distillers. Experienced aficionados will be present to enhance the tasting journey, ensuring attendees glean the most from each sip.

A highlight for many will be the enlightening sessions hosted on October 21. These sessions will delve into topics ranging from the evolution of Fee Brothers to the future trajectories of whiskey, hosted by renowned industry stalwarts.

Eager aficionados can secure their entry to this grand gala at www.hoochenanny.com. Moreover, for those desiring an unparalleled festival experience, Hoochenanny offers bespoke VIP packages. These packages promise curated culinary experiences, prime viewing spots, and enhanced tasting privileges.

In conclusion, the Hoochenanny Festival is a testament to New York’s dedication to promoting its whiskey heritage. With robust support from entities like the Empire State Development and the I LOVE NY Division of Tourism, this event is primed to etch an indelible mark in the annals of craft spirit celebrations.




Written by: Matthew Thomas