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The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance has welcomed the sustainability management platform Weeva as an affiliate member to help drive collaboration on industry resilience and data-led sustainability.

Designed by sustainable tourism experts, Weeva champions small, sustainable actions, backed by consistent data management, to boost efficiency and, ultimately, profitability within the industry.

The Alliance has a wide reach in the hospitality sector, representing over 50,000 properties and 7 million rooms globally and is delighted Weeva can bring its expertise in addressing the many challenges the hospitality industry faces as it targets Net Positive Hospitality – a philosophy and approach that unlocks the hospitality industry’s potential to contribute to the world’s future.

With this shared vision, both the Alliance and Weeva are working within the tourism and hospitality industries to address the challenges of measuring GHG emissions and facilitating more transparent, credible reporting.

As an Affiliate Member, Weeva will be able to help shape and drive sustainable progress through having a seat at the Alliance’s Senior Advisory Council as well as access to the Alliance’s solutions and resources that are tailored specifically for the industry, by the industry.

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance CEO, Glenn Mandziuk, said: “We are delighted to welcome Weeva as an Affiliate Member and look forward to collaborating and working towards our shared vision to improve the industry’s reporting and measuring standards.   Weeva’s focus on using sustainability to create more efficient and resilient businesses reflects the Alliance’s ambitions to put the industry on a sustainable pathway to Net Positive Hospitality.  Collaboration with our affiliate members is invaluable as we implement our bold 5-year strategy to help the industry give back more than it takes.”

Julie Cheetham, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Weeva commented: “The pandemic brought home just how vulnerable the tourism and hospitality sectors were; and how connected they are to the natural world. Practically overnight, we went from being one of the world’s biggest employers to the brink of collapse. This sparked a fire in myself and Lindsey Walter; we wanted to build a tool to mainstream and democratise sustainable operations and enable even the most ‘green-averse’ properties to improve their impact. It’s our mission to ditch the jargon, greenwashing and marketing ploys to make sustainability work for profit, people, and the planet.”